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Atlanta HAS to be one of my all-time favorite places to visit on a weekend getaway. It's only about a 4 and a half drive from home for us, so it's nothing to just plan a trip and hit the road! Not only is a close getaway, but there's always SO MUCH to do in Atlanta that you're sure to have a great time no matter how many times you may visit. I've been visiting Atlanta since I was a child, and I know there's still so many things I have not seen or done.

Back in April, my husband and I (along with two of our closest friends) took a quick trip down to Atlanta our anniversary weekend and we had a GREAT time. We were only there a short time, but we were able to fit in so many things and I'm already looking forward to going back again! I wanted to write this post to highlight a couple of my favorite things to do while in the A! Everything I am about to list, we did not do while we visited this last time, and it may be hard if you want to fit it all in three days. However, I wanted to list some of my favorite things to do (and a couple of things I still want to do) so you can plan YOUR weekend trip accordingly. Don't worry about what you can't fit into the weekend because you can always go visit again! :-)
Top 10 Things to Do in Atlanta

1. Visit the World of Coca Cola
I've been to the World of Coco Cola SO many times. I used to go all the time when I was a kid, but this last visit to Atlanta was the first time in my adult life and I still had a wonderful time! They show this super heartwarming video when you first get there, and then you get to learn a lot about the history of Coca Cola. At the end, you get to sample Coca Cola products from all over the world and it is so cool because some of the drinks are REALLY disgusting. I'll let you guys figure out which country when you visit! :)

2. Visit the Georgia Aquarium
My husband and I visited the Georgia Aquarium on a trip to Atlanta last year and there's SO MUCH to do there! So cool to see all the aquatic animals. Be sure to plan for a whole day because there's so much to see and do!
3. Visit Candytopia
Candytopia was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Atlanta this last time because of all the Instagrammable rooms and the fact that I am obsessed with candy. Guys, I LOVED it. If you have children, this place is for sure child friendly and adults can have fun too! My husband didn't really enjoy it (probably because he got confetti in his eye accidentally in the Trolli confetti room), but women and children I would say definitely will.

4. Eat breakfast or lunch at The Atlanta Breakfast Club
We eat here every single time we visit Atlanta and the food is absolutely delicious! They are only open until 3pm, so you have to go for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. There's usually a wait during their busy times, but it is worth it! Try their chicken biscuits! 
5. Visit the Trap Music Museum
This is something I have not done, but I really want to! Another place with lots of photo opportunities and I love that T.I. is the owner!
6. Visit Lenox Mall
This is pretty self explanatory. The biggest mall in Atlanta and it has so many amazing stores. I mean, who doesn't love shopping?
7. Have dinner at OLG (Old Lady Gang)
If you watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, this is Kandi Burress restaurant and the food was ABSOLUTELY delicious! Y'all... it's so good. Now I will say we had a bit of a wait, but I would most definitely go again. Be sure to get the collard greens!
8. Take a walk in Centennial Olympic Park
A walk in the park is always fun and this is a free activity the entire family can enjoy. The park is adjacent to the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola so you can try to work all three in the same day if you start early!
9. Visit Ponce City Market
We didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted to at Ponce City Market, so I will be sure to make this a priority the next time we visit Atlanta. There's shops, restaurants, and a cool rooftop you can check out!
10. Visit Atlanta Botanical Gardens
This is another one I have not done yet, but I REALLY want to! The pictures look amazing!

What is your favorite thing to do in Atlanta?

Thank you so much for reading! xo
Hi Friends!
It is festival season and I couldn't be more excited about it. A little over two weeks ago, I attended the 6th Annual Nashville Cocktail Festival in Nashville and I had an amazing time! The Nashville Cocktail Festival is a week long event, this year which was from April 23-28th, with new exciting things going on each day for all the libation lovers. I was able to attend the opening event on the first day and the Polynesian Pop Event on that Saturday which is my absolute favorite of the festival. My husband and I had a great time!

During the first event, my husband and I were able to sample different types of rum and that was an interesting experience! I am a bit of a light weight, so the super aged rum was a bit much for me, but my husband liked it! I thoroughly enjoyed the Polynesian Pop event on that Saturday. It was full of island cocktails and reminded me of being on the beach. I love sweet cocktails, so I got a lot of new recipes I cannot wait to try at home.

The thing I love the most about attending the Nashville Cocktail Festival is how friendly everyone is! Every time I attend the Saturday event, it feels like a family of people having drinks at a barbecue or something. I mean, it probably has a little to do with the libations (haha), but everyone is just in a great mood and having a fun time! Check out some of my favorite pictures from this year's events below.
 Here's the drinks we were able to sample at the first night's event. I can't remember which one was the one that was REALLY strong, but it was one of these.
 I had to get a picture in front of the Nashville Cocktail Festival backdrop!

Now these pictures below are from the Polynesian Pop event!
 I love that they had a 'build your own cocktail' station! So cool!
 A drink in both hands. The way it should be at this festival. :-)
 My favorite drink of the day was from Saltine Nashville! I LOVED it!
 If you haven't tried any Uncle Nearest Whiskey, be sure to pick some up! Great story behind it and it's definitely a whiskey that'll make the hairs on your neck stand up!
 Anyone else a Don Julio tequila girl like me? I love me some tequila! :-)
 They even had a cigar bar set up! My husband loved that part, too.
I have no idea who more than half of the people in this photo are, but it's just what I was telling you before, the vibe is just so friendly and nice!


To sum it all up, The Nashville Cocktail Festival is definitely one you should attend next year! Keep an eye out on their social media for next year's tickets to go on sale. I guarantee you'll have a great time! Have you ever attended any of the Nashville Cocktail Fest events?
Thank you so much for reading! xo
Hello Friends!
I'm so excited to share a little bit about our trip to Palm Beach, FL with you guys today. Palm Beach is such a gem and I honestly cannot wait to go back. Before this trip, I had visited many different parts of Florida, but never Palm Beach and I definitely fell in love while we were there! The water was so blue, the architecture was so cute and cozy,  and there were palm trees everywhere. I am already ready to visit again!

In my opinion, Palm Beach has like a boutique type feel in their hotels, restaurants, and of course shopping. Everything was 'picture-esque' and I found SO MANY instagrammable moments! Let's get right into this, shall we?
Where Did We Stay?

On this trip, Marcus and I stayed at The Breakers and it was one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen! You can see the exterior in the photo above, but honestly the picture does it no justice. Crazy enough, this hotel was built back in 1896 and it went through a lot. It went through two fires in 1903 and in 1925, and each time they rebuilt the hotel it was better than the last. This hotel has a huge rich history that you can feel in every single room and I loved staying there!

It is a VERY big hotel, so I think the next time Marcus and I visit Palm Beach, I'd love to try one of the more boutique sized/styled hotels! We went to one for brunch one day and it was so charming. However, there's really nothing bad that I can say about the Breakers. From the restaurants (one including a bar that is made out of an aquarium) to the pools to the spa, this is definitely a hotel you have to check out. If you don't stay here, you can also just visit for the day or night. Guarantee you will not be disappointed!

How cool is this seafood aquarium bar? I was so intrigued!
I look this picture in the lobby of the hotel. They changed this beautiful flower arrangement twice during our stay and both times it was absolutely stunning!
Where Did We Eat?

We ate a lot of food inside the hotel during our time in Palm Beach and you can check out those restaurants here, but there's three outside of the hotel that we tried that I want to highlight for you here.

Spot #1: Brunch
This was my FAVORITE meal and it is so funny because it is definitely something I can get at home, but I enjoyed it so much! My Hubby and I went to Café Boulud for brunch one of the days of of trip. It is in the courtyard of the Brazilian Court Hotel and Beach Club and it is SO cute! They had live music playing and the greenery was so beautiful to look at. Anyway, I had the waffles with a side of bacon and the waffles were literally the most fluffy waffles I've ever had in my life. I also had their signature drink which was called the cosmopolitan and it had a frozen orchard in it!

Spot #2: Dinner
The second one is called PB Catch and my dinner there was absolutely delicious! Let me start off by saying I am NOT a seafood person at all, but since we were in Palm Beach, I decided to be a little more adventurous than I usually am and I am SO glad I made that decision! Just see the pictures below to see how delicious my Chilean sea-bass looked! Oh and I had to have some sorbet for dessert. That's like my go-to on beach vacations!

Spot #3: Late Night Snack
This was a place that I actually didn't try because I was STUFFED from dinner still this particular night, however, my husband had the pizza and he said it was pretty good! It's called 'Pizza Girls' and they have large New York style slices. Great reviews, you guys should try it!

Things To Do In Palm Beach
  •  Go Shopping on Worth Ave
  • Go on An Everglades Tour
  • Go On A Biking Tour
  • Play Croquet or Golf or BOTH!
  • Go to the Beach and Spend the Day
  • Rent a Catamaran For the Day
  • Go Kayaking
  • RELAX!

Have you ever visited Palm Beach? What was your favorite part?

Thank you for reading! xo
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