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I'm so excited to finally share photos from my 28th Birthday Brunch Day Party! I LOVED planning and executing this party. I get so much joy from entertaining and having parties at our home, so having my birthday party at home was super exciting for me. I decided to have a brunch day party because my birthday fell on a Sunday this year and I wanted to celebrate on my actual birthday. I don't know about y'all, but I can't party late on nights where I have to get up early the next day, so I needed to have a party earlier in the day. It worked out perfectly! Our last guests left at around 7ish, so it was just enough time to wind down and prepare for the week. I had a blast!

I made a photo backdrop and it was super easy! My husband gifted me this photo backdrop kit a couple of years ago and so I used part of that for the main backdrop. Of course if you don't have one of those, you can use a blank wall, an oversized plastic tablecloth, or I've even used wrapping paper in the past for Christmas parties. Anyway, I bought the glitter polka dot decorations in pink and gold so I could alternate them on the backdrop and I just used clear tape to hold them up. Then, I just added the '28' balloons on the side and some pink and gold balloons on the bottom. BOOM. Backdrop! :)

I realized once I started on this post that I never took a picture of the delicious brunch food that we had! However, if you follow me on Instagram I have a highlight tab from my birthday and you can see the amazing brunch food there. We had a little bit of everything and it was catered by Chef Batts! If you need catering in the Nashville area, he's your guy!

My delicious and BEAUTIFUL cake and cake pops were made by the talented Camill from Cake My Day and it was a HUGE hit! I told her my vision and she executed it perfectly to match my pink and gold brunch theme! Contact her for all of your sweets needs. She does a little bit of everything!

The main attraction (in my opinion) for my birthday party was the mimosa bar and it was pretty much what sparked my whole idea for having a brunch party. I wanted the mimosas! :-)
It was pretty easy to put together. I ordered this sequin tablecloth and then I ordered four of these carafes for the different juices. Once I had those things, it was really all about accessorizing the table. I decided to buy these plastic champagne flutes and these gold straws, I bought some pink flowers and small gold '28' balloons and my table was pretty much set. Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't add some fruit garnishes and even candy to the table too. I was so obsessed with how it turned out.

My party was so much fun! The ladies and I even made up our own dance to Beyonce's "Before I Let Go" and recorded it. SO MUCH FUN. I would share, but I swore the ladies I wouldn't, haha. It is quite hilarious though and I will always watch it to remember this birthday. It's literally the type of days I live for.

I had such an amazing time with all of my family and friends and it really made me want to have another party soon! My husband and I really love to entertain, so I am hoping we can squeeze in maybe a barbecue before the summer officially ends, but to be completely honest, we have been BUSY y'all. So busy! I guess that is one of the great things about having things at home though because I LOVE being at my own time schedule and leisure. I would highly suggest having a brunch day party for your next birthday if you need ideas! You'll have a ball! :-)

Thank you so much for reading! xo


Today, I am going to be sharing how I turned a spare bedroom in our home to the ultimate closet space! This post is absolutely LONG overdue, but better late than never right?! Ha! If you're just wanting the links to my furniture and things, that info is at the bottom of this post. If you're interested in how I put this room together, keep on reading. :-)

A couple of days ago, I hit a year since building my beautiful woman cave, aka my "cloffice" and I am just so in love with this space! If you'd like to see some pictures of it, you can check out this post that I put out a couple of weeks ago. I built this entire room for UNDER $1000 and judging by how much custom closets usually cost these days, I'd say this space is a bargain and extremely customized and functional for my lifestyle. Sometimes I just sit in there and admire it because I think it is SO pretty!

First, let's take a look at my room empty!
I honestly don't even remember the room looking like this anymore. Now, let's get into the details. :)

Plan Plan Plan
Before we even bought our home, I told my husband that I wanted to turn one of the bedrooms into a closet and surprisingly, he was immediately on board! I didn't even have to do any convincing, but it did take us about a year before we actually did it (other areas of the home were definitely more important). I started planning for my closet room immediately once we moved into our house. I found a website where I could put in the room dimensions and then each item could be customized to fit the space. Basically so I could see the room virtually. This step was important to me because I wanted to know what size furniture could fit in my space. So, I started looking online for different furniture I felt would be functional to what I needed, I'd check the measurements, and then plug it into this online website. It really helped me to see what could work in the room and where I was thinking the space was bigger than what it was.

Here's some of my online renderings:

Shop Shop Shop
Once I had all the furniture I wanted picked out and I made sure it would fit in the room, it was time to shop. I found most of my items at Ikea, Target, and the At Home store. I will be linking furniture I have at the end of this post for your shopping convenience and everything is SUPER reasonable in price! More about that later on!

Like I said, it was last year on July 27th-28th that we started on this project. We don't have an Ikea here in Nashville, but there's one in Memphis. So, it was a random Saturday and we were relaxing at home and I was like "Marcus, can we go get my closet furniture from Ikea today?" I don't think he was on board, but we were going to be using my Mom's truck to get everything, so I think he thought she was going to say no. He told me to call and ask her and I did and guess what? Within the hour, we were on our way to Memphis! Haha

We get to Ikea in Memphis and luckily because I had PLANNED ahead, I had a list of every piece of furniture needed and which aisles I could find them on (I did the list on the Ikea website). This was important because we got there close to closing time and we probably would have run out of time if I hadn't planned ahead. Doesn't my husband look SO happy? LOL!

I also have no idea how we fit it all in my mom's truck and made it back to Nashville, but we did it! I'm so blessed to have a husband and mom who puts up with my crazy shenanigans!

The next day was all about building the furniture and I was so excited to see my room come to life. The hardest piece of furniture to assemble was the dresser. My mom and Marcus were working on that together for a few hours while I did a lot of the other furniture by myself. Overall, putting the furniture together really wasn't that hard. You just have to follow the directions and take your time.

Here's some progress photos:

Y'all.. at this point I was SO excited! Now, all I needed was my chair, rug, accents, and to add all my clothes and stuff. I eventually added shelves on top of my clothes racks and a mirror also, but that was an easy task from Home Depot! After a couple of weeks, I could look at my space and admire the finished product.


So now, let's talk furniture! I'm going to list everything I have, where I got it, how much it cost, AND cheaper alternatives! Get excited! :-)

SHOE SHELVES -- Mine are from Ikea. It is the Billy Bookcase and they are currently $84 a piece. I also used the height extension on them. Similar and some cheaper options below.

DRESSER -- My dresser is the Hemnes dresser from Ikea. Current price is $179. It came with white knobs, but I bought the gold ones from Home Depot for a classier look. Similar and some cheaper options below.

WHITE DESK -- My desk is from Target. I caught it on sale for I think $80. I couldn't find it on the website anymore, but I found one exactly like it except with a marble finish (which I think is cooler) and I linked it first below. Similar options below too!

BLACK GLASS SHELVES -- My accessory shelves are the VITTSJÖ shelves from Ikea and they are $50 a piece. Similar options below.

CLOTHES RACKS -- My clothes racks are Mulig from Ikea and they were $10 a piece. Similar items below.

JEANS/ACCESSORIES SHELVES -- This is the Kallax shelf unit from Ikea and it is $80. Similar options below.

PINK CHAIR/PINK OTTOMAN/RUG/MOST OF THE DECOR -- At Home Store! I wish I could link the items, but you can't shop At Home Store online. Similar items below.

WALL MONOGRAM -- Etsy! I think it was between $50-$60, I can't remember. The shop I bought it from is on a break, but I will still link it plus a few others below.

I think I covered everything major! If you are looking for something specific, let me know and I can see if I can find it for you.
Thank you so much for reading! xo

"Party in the city when the heat is on, all night on the beach till' the break of dawn. Welcome to MIAMI!"

HI GUYS! So happy to share this post with you today. So, I've been to Miami a BUNCH of times and we do the usual things! Beach, Wet Willies, The Sugar Factory, beach again, clubbing, etc. However on my last trip to this amazing city with some pretty awesome gal pals (@jasminekatrina, @littonavenue, and @scalesofstyle), we only had 48 hours to hit some of the BEST, but sometimes overlooked spots in Miami. I'm SO EXCITED to share these places with you because it'll make your next trip to M.I.A. so much more enjoyable.

Where to Stay
First, I'm going to share where we stayed! Y'all.. it was SUCH a cute hotel!
Anglers South Beach Miami
We stayed at the Anglers South Beach, which is a Kimpton property. You guys.. I LOVE how picturesque it was. So many Instagram worthy spots for sure! The bed was extremely comfortable and the room was spacious. They do in room massages and spa services as well, which I believe is a great feature. I also love that this hotel is only a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of the south beach strip, but it is far enough to feel like a "private haven". They have a nice sized rooftop pool and they offer workout classes to their guests! I would highly recommend this hotel.

Another great option for a hotel would be Faena Hotel Miami Beach. We did not stay here, but we did visit for brunch on Sunday morning and it was great! They have so many amazing features including an awesome pool with beautiful red and white decor and multiple restaurants and bars. I'd love to stay here on another trip to Miami!

6 Places You Have to Visit

So now, let's talk about 6 places you definitely have to visit on your next trip to Miami!

1. Miami Design District

This place was so cool! I LOVE bright colors so this place was right up my alley y'all! I didn't do any shopping because like I said in the beginning, we had a lot of ground to cover in 48 hours! However, I do want to go back... soon. :) 

2. Cafe Dior

 Again, such a cute spot! They had delicious drinks and pastries and just a chill, laid back atmosphere. The Cafe Dior is located in the Dior store in the design district. Make sure you drop by!

3. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

One of the most beautiful places I have EVER seen! Wow! Seriously, y'all have to go. Vizcaya was the winter home for a business man named James Deering back in the 1910's. Now, it is a museum and a destination for people to have weddings and just come for the history and pictures! It does cost $22 per adult, $15 per teen, and $10 per child for admission, but I'd say it is totally worth it. Just a heads up, if you go in and you look like you're going in JUST to take pictures (change of clothes, big camera, etc.), they will try to charge you a fee for a photo permit. I would only say it is worth it if you're going in for a full photo shoot and not just for some Instagram photos.

4. Cielto Artisan Pops
 This is such a cute little place! I LOVE popsicles, so this was a cool treat. This place is located in Winwood and it is worth it! You can get pretty much any flavor you can think of and they even add chocolate and toppings if you'd like! I opted for a simple lime+mint+ginger flavor because it was so hot and it was extremely refreshing!

5. Gianni's at Casa Casuarina (Gianni Versace's Home)

We had dinner here Monday night and the food was pretty good! I think I was more interested in the experience and the eeriness of it all, not to mention all the beautiful Versace touches like the stair railing in the photo above. If you don't know the story of Gianni Versace, I'd advise you to look it up. There's even a Netflix show about it. The home has been converted into a hotel and restaurant and although it was very cool to visit, I'm not sure if I'd be able to stay there overnight without getting nightmares!

6. The Pizza Bar
Last, but certainly not least, the PIZZA BAR! This place had some GREAT pizza y'all! It's a small place, but they make BIG pizzas! I mean, look at the photo above! The prices are relatively cheap and they have a wide variety of items on the menu. I will definitely go back again!

What's your favorite place to visit, or favorite thing to do when you visit Miami? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading! xo


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