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This past Saturday, my husband and I celebrated 10 years of being together. Well, we acknowledged that we have been together for 10 years and kind of reminisced on where we were when we first started dating up until now. It’s really hard for me to believe most of the time that we have actually been together for a decade now. 10 years ago, we were just two young kids who liked each other and were already best friends, so we wanted to see where this relationship could take us and to be where we are is just a huge blessing and I don’t take one day of our happiness for granted.

We have had 10 whole years of love, laughs, tears, arguments, family drama, growing pains, changes in our friend groups, and much more. Through it all, the ups and downs, we have always found our way back to being as giggly and in love as we were that very first year of dating. My husband still gives me butterflies and I never want them to stop! I think it’s important to note that every day is not all sunshine and rainbows. We fight, we disagree, but we reconnect and move on. I don’t think my husband and I have ever been mad at each other longer than a few hours and THAT is a skill I hope many people have or aspire to gain. Why, you may ask? Because I think life is entirely too short to dwell on silly disputes and misunderstandings. Every time we argue, the thought goes through my mind, “if something bad were to happen to one of us, would this argument matter?”, and every time my answer is NO.

SO, with ten years of being in love under our belt, I thought this would be the perfect time for me to share ten ways to reconnect with your spouse. Life happens. You lose your footing sometimes, and it doesn’t always spew from arguing. Sometimes your life can get to be so busy that you just look up and you and your significant other haven’t REALLY talked in a few days, but the important thing is to always try and find your way back. I hope you can remember these things and use them when you and your significant other just aren’t quite seeing eye to eye.

10 Ways to Reconnect With Your Spouse

1. Go to Bed at the Same Time Most Nights
This is not something we are able to do EVERY single night, but most nights, we get in the bed at the same time. I have started going to sleep earlier than my husband, but he’s still in bed with me and I can snuggle up to him while he winds down by watching tv or reading. It just makes me feel closer to him and I love it!

2. Go Out on Dates Regularly. No Phone Rule.
This can be hard for a couple that stays busy, but you HAVE to pencil in regular date nights with your significant other. Make that time just for the two of you to reconnect and spend time together. Put the phones away and just talk. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel after catching up.

3. Ask Questions and LISTEN intently to the Answers
Do you ask your significant other every day how their day was? If you do, are you actually listening to what they say when they answer? I don’t mean the generic “my day was good” thing, but actually going into detail about your day. Ask follow up questions that show you’re truly engaged.

4. Plan Something Nice & Make it a Surprise
I LOVE surprises from my husband. They always make my day and I’m sure he appreciates when I surprise him as well. If my husband and I realize we have been super busy and a little disconnected, my husband likes to surprise me when I get home by having my favorite dinner, a dozen red roses, wine and dessert, and we just get to talk and he’s so attentive. It means so much!

5. Cheer Each Other On
If your significant other is excited about a venture they are partaking in, cheer them on and share their joy! Be their biggest fan and ask how you can help. Also, if your spouse is feeling down on themselves because they are having a moment where nothing seems to be going right, lift them up! Give encouragement and let them know you support them no matter what.

6. Take a Weekend Trip or Staycation
Get away! One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to get away sometimes! Especially if you have children. If you can’t leave the city or state, getting a hotel room for a night or two just to break up your routine will do wonders for you.

7. Try Something New Together
What’s something neither you or your significant have done before? Try it together! It’ll give you something to talk about and to be excited about.

8. Have Gratitude & Vocalize It
Thank your spouse for the little things. Of course the big ones too, but we can’t forget the small things they do that they don’t have to do, but choose to do. Being thankful goes a long way and you have to verbally let them know how much you appreciate them.

9. Set a Goal Together
Want to save a certain amount of money? Want to buy something nice for your home? Want to eat healthier? Want to start working out? Whatever your goal may be, do it with your significant other and hold each other accountable! It’ll be so rewarding when you reach your goal together.

10. Apologize When You’re Wrong
Saying “I’m sorry” and meaning it seems to be so difficult for adults these days and I’m not sure why. It’s okay to not be right all the time and it’s okay to have vulnerability with your spouse. Admit when you’re wrong and sincerely apologize for it. Now, the person on the receiving end, be receptive and not condescending. Let’s be adults about it! :)

What are some ways you reconnect with your spouse? I’d love to hear about them! Also, let me just take a moment to shoutout Jackie at J Mikado Photography for these AMAZING photos! These are not my husband and I’s wedding photos, but back in July we had the pleasure of being models in a wedding styled photo shoot for Today and Forever Weddings and it was so much fun! I absolutely LOVED being a bride again! I got all the feels. :)

Thank you so much for reading! Xo

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Decorating your home for Fall doesn't have to stress you out or make you cringe at the idea of having to buy SO MANY THINGS. I'm sure if you've been to any of your local home decor store's lately, you've seen the Fall takeover! It's so easy to feel like you need everything... including 100 velvet or plastic pumpkins. I'm not going to lie, I fall victim to the fall decor trap more times than I'd like to admit, but I'm okay with that! This post is for those of you who like the idea of adding a little Fall touch to your home, but you don't really want to over-do it. You can literally do a few small things to enhance your every day decor and transform your home into full on cozy fall mode. Here's five simple ways to add some fall coziness to your home this season!

Okay so did you really think I wasn't going to mention pumpkins? I feel like they just scream fall! You don't need a whole lot of them if you don't want them. Just add one or two on your porch or by your fireplace or even scatter different sizes of them on your dining room table like I did below.

I LOVE to watch leaves change colors during the Fall months! It's literally one of my favorite things about the season. Add some leaves in a vase to your kitchen or on your mantle for an easy fall look.

One of the easiest ways to switch out your decor is to change your pillows or just add to them! I LOVE fall pillows and you can find some super cute, inexpensive pillows pretty much in every store this time of year. Blankets are also an easy switch out. I'll let you guys in on a secret. On the photo below, my "blanket" is actually an oversized blanket scarf! :)

 I have "Happy Fall" type signs all over my house and most of them I actually got from the dollar store! There's so many fun sayings associated with fall and adding this touch to the wall instantly gives your home a fall boost. You can even DIY some of these!

This is the final touch you need for the fall coziness. Once you have your pumpkin and fall pillow, find you a pumpkin scented candle to seal the deal! My favorite place to buy some fall candles is Bath and Body Works and I am LOVING the sweet cinnamon pumpkin and pumpkin apple scents right now!
What are some things you do to add simple fall touches to your home?

Thank you so much for reading! xo

This post is in partnership with Gumption!. All opinions are my own.

Do you have Gumption? Or better yet.. do you know what it means to have Gumption? You may have never heard the word before and that’s okay! Today, I am going to talk about what Gumption is, how you can start to live with it, & about a company who encouraging us all to EMBODY IT!

First things first, what in the world is Gumption? Well, I’ll tell you!
Basically, a person with Gumption is a boss babe that doesn’t take no for an answer! You go after everything you want and don’t sit around waiting for something to happen. You take initiative, not because you’re not afraid, but because you’re going to be bold and have the audacity to take risks despite the outcome. Boyyyy do I wish I could wholeheartedly say I am full of Gumption! I’m not going to lie, I have been my own worst enemy more times than I would like to admit, but I acknowledge it and I am working on it and I promise I am getting there. I have days where I am FULL of Gumption. :-)

I am excited to be working with Gumption! because their mission is to “help inspire women to live this beautiful gift of life with Gumption” and I want to inspire you to do the same. So how does a shop inspire you? They do this in two ways. Number one, they sell items that embody the gumption spirit. You know that sweatshirt that feels good and says something that just makes you feel great about yourself? Or that super comfortable dress? YES. Things like that! Number two, they support amazing small businesses that are ran by women, aim to help people in need, that are ethically made in the U.S., and that may be super hard to find! I mean, can we say AMAZING COMPANY?! I love it so much!

Elements of A Lady Tee | Be Kind Sweatshirt | Rocky Necklace

So how can you live your life with Gumption? I'll give you THREE tips!

1. Do What Makes You Happy
2. Do What Scares You
3. Shop With Gumption! and Support Some Amazing Boss Babes

Thank you so much for reading! xo

Last month, my husband and I went on our very first cruise! I thought it was so interesting that neither one of us had ever been on a cruise before and so we were able to add this to our list of “firsts in travel” together. Our good friends invited us along on this cruise with them as they were celebrating their three year wedding anniversary. We LOVE celebrations and we LOVE traveling so of course we were delighted to receive this invite and immediately hopped aboard (pun intended).

So for our first experience, we went on a three day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas and I can honestly say we had a good time. I went into this with no expectations because I didn’t have any idea of what to expect. In the week’s leading up to the cruise, I’m pretty sure I texted my friend Britne about 25 times with bizarre questions because I wanted to be prepared and I had NO IDEA what this experience was going to be like. I will say that if we decide to cruise again, we definitely want to try a longer one because three days just does not allow for enough time to experience the destination. I am glad that we chose the three day cruise for our first experience though because I really thought I was going to get seasick and I was OVER prepared with medicine. Surprisingly, I didn’t get seasick at all, but if I had I would have wanted the time on the ship to be short, lol.

Anyway, I wanted to write this post to share some things that I learned about cruises just in case there’s someone out there like me who has never been on a cruise and doesn’t have a CLUE what to expect. I want you to be prepared! :-)

Don’t Get the WiFi
Unless you have to (which I don’t see why you would... you’re on vacation), don’t get the WiFi! My husband and I went back and forth on whether or not we would or not and I’m so glad we opted not to. It felt good to unplug even if just for a couple of days. I’m always on social media and he’s always working, so for both of us to be 100% present was priceless to me.

You Should Probably Splurge for the Balcony Room
My husband and I ended up getting the room with a window and it was kind of suite style because it was a king size bed and a couch so it made the room “roomier” and comfortable. The standard room is very small and although it is often the cheapest option, if you are even just a LITTLE claustrophobic, I wouldn’t do it. My husband really wanted to get the balcony room and I kind of talked him out of it because again, I thought I was going to get seasick, so we compromised on a window we could shut out, lol. I do wish however that we had got the balcony!

The Food was Actually Good!
I had low expectations for the cruise as a whole, but I had even lower expectations for the food and man was I wrong! I enjoyed the majority of my meals and y’all do know that food is included on the cruise, right? (I didn’t know beforehand lol) So you can eat and eat until your heart is content and you shouldn’t be disappointed by the food! My favorites were the taco bowls (my friend hyped these up to no disappointment) and the burgers!

There’s Always Something to Do
At every point of the day on a cruise, you can find SOMETHING to get into. They have shows, a casino, games, crafts, the pool, THE BAR, seriously.. it’s extremely hard to get bored. They even give you a schedule each day letting you know what will be going on the following day.

It’s Okay to Overpack, but You Won’t Need It
I am an over-packer by nature. It’s just what I do because I always want to be prepared for every single scenario that could come up. However, on a cruise, if you’re lucky it’s just going to be hot.  So being in a bathing suit all day every day is okay! Now, you do have to wear real clothing to dinner and the cruise we were on had a “formal night”, but don’t think that means ball gowns.. although some people went there! I’ll probably always overpack, but it felt good to be comfortable!

Drink ALL the Pina Coladas and Margaritas!
If you saw me on this cruise, I'm pretty sure I ALWAYS had a drink in my hand and that is more than okay on a cruise! There's amazing workers every where you go ready to take your drink order and I'm honestly not mad at it at all. My husband's drink of choice was the rum punch, but I think I drank more Pina Coladas!

The Ship Never Sleeps
Like mentioned above, there’s always something to do so expect things to be happening ALL NIGHT LONG. One thing that was annoying was people loud in the hallway at all hours of the night, but it’s to be expected I guess. I have to find the floor with the older crowd next time, haha.

All in all, I’d say our first cruise experience was a good one. There’s some things that my husband and I both agree we would do differently if/when we decide to cruise again. I honestly think I am just more in favor of flying to a destination and then spending all of my trip time exploring that place, but I do feel that if we had done a longer cruise, our experience may have been better. I’m definitely wanting to try it again for a longer time!

Have you ever been on a cruise? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo

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