To My Husband On His First Father's Day

To my Sweet Sunshine,

I have so much to say and no store bought card would articulate exactly the way I feel. We have been parents Earth side for 10 months now, but our journey into parenthood started long before that. 

If it was one thing I knew for certain way before I married you, it was that one day you would make the best Dad. I knew it with no doubt in my mind and it made me love you 100x more because I could always picture you as a Dad. Even when you were unsure and nervous, I never got one single doubt because I could see into the depths of your soul and I just knew. I always looked forward to being able to watch you as a father because I've never witnessed a Father/Child relationship up close. It has been the most beautiful thing to witness. My heart grows 10x over every time I see you and Monroe together.

I know you grow tired of me constantly sticking a camera in your face when you're with Monroe, but it is because I never want to forget the sweet moments I see you two share, and I want to one day show her just how loved she is by you! Watching your bond that is already SO strong, it brings tears to my eyes. Monroe has no idea just how blessed and loved she is!

I truly could go on and on and on, but honestly, I just want to say Thank You.

A million times over, thank you. People told me that having a baby would show me a new sort of unconditional love, and they were right. But the new, overwhelming kind of love I feel for you is just as special. It's a grateful love, so I want to say thanks.
Thank you for spending every night with me in the hospital for those long 8 weeks.
Thank you for taking work Zoom calls from the hospital when you could because you knew that me having you there made me feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Thank you for making me laugh in my weakest moments.
Thank you for your understanding and compassion as I navigated my first few months of Motherhood and grieved not carrying out my pregnancy/birth as I had planned and wanted to.
Thank you for letting me sleep when I needed it and for always willing to go the extra mile.
 Thank you for washing bottles and my pump parts.

Thank you for encouraging me to keep going when my milk supply wasn't great, and celebrating with me every time I had a successful pump session.

Thank you for massaging my clogged ducts, lol.
Thank you for being the one to wake up in the middle of the night for those late night bottles.

Thank you for coming home after long, stressful days at work with a smile on your face, immediately lifting Monroe right out of my arms so that I could take a hot shower.
Thank you for telling me that I am a great Mother.
 Thank you for becoming the Dad that I always knew you'd be. 

Watching you fall in love with our daughter, and watching the way Monroe stares into your eyes, seeing the way she loves you so much, truly has been the greatest joy of my life and it is my greatest gift. I always knew marrying you was the best decision, but every day you remind me of that. There's no one else I'd rather be on this parenting journey with than you. We truly make the best team, and we also made a pretty cute baby! :)

Happy First Father's Day, sweet Sunshine. Today is your day, but I truly hope you feel celebrated and special every single day. Because you deserve it.

I love you!

- Jamaria

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