Last Minute Fun Valentine's Date Ideas (That Don't Require Leaving Your Home)

Hi friends! Happy Valentine's Day Eve!
So it's the day before Valentine's Day and you and your honey still don't have any plans. You think that being out on Valentine's Day is overrated, overcrowded, and you really just want to chill at home. I've been there, trust me, and if my sweet husband had not made us dinner reservations for tomorrow, I would have been perfectly fine hanging out at home. However, who says that just because you're staying in, the day/night won't be special? One of my favorite Valentine's Day memories is when we stayed home and made homemade pizzas together and then watched a movie. We had so many laughs and created so many memories that night that I'll never forget it.
Valentine's Day to me is just all about being with the one(s) you love, whether it is your significant other, friend, family member, whatever! As long as I can spend time with my husband, I honestly don't care what we are doing. Don't get me wrong though, I am excited that he took the time to make us a dinner reservation. It shows he was thinking, haha.
Anyway, I'm here to give you some great ideas that you can do right at home and you will still have a memorable Valentine's Day.

5 Last Minute Fun Valentine's Date Ideas
  • Picnic At Home
Seriously, how fun would it be to set up a picnic on your living room floor? All you need is a large blanket, some of your favorite foods, some wine, and some chocolate.. then BOOM! Creative date that you don't even have to put on makeup and high heels for. I'm keeping this one in my back pocket for future dates with my hubby!

  • Game Night
Bust out some of your favorite games like Monopoly, Uno, and HeadsUp and challenge your significant other to a game night. You can make it a friendly competition and keep tabs on who wins each round of the games and then maybe the loser has to do whatever the winner says. Keep it fun, don't be a sore loser. :)
  • Have A Cooking Contest Together
So this one would be kind of difficult unless you don't mind not having a judge for your competition and you guys can judge each other, honestly! Pick a dish or a dessert and you both can make it and then sample the other person's to see who came out on top. OR one of you can make a savory dish, the other can make dessert and not only are you having fun in the kitchen together and having a friendly competition, but you just made Valentine's Day dinner and dessert too!
  • Wine & Paint Night
This one is probably really fun and another one I'm keeping in my pocket for later. How much fun would it be to host your own wine and paint night at home with your Valentine? All you need to do is pick up some easels from your local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc.), some paint, and some wine! You can go online to YouTube and find a beginner's paint video for you guys to follow or there's a couple website's out there that'll sell you an instant download of instructions for a picture to paint. If you're really feeling crafty, just paint your own freelance painting and show each other at the end. Be sure to cover your table and wear an apron to avoid paint damage, but have fun with it!
  • Have a Scavenger Hunt
This one will take a little extra planning, but don't worry, you have all day today! :) Create a scavenger hunt around the house for your Valentine to play. You can leave little notes around and then maybe the final place will be you with a bow on top. OR a gift! Either way it goes, it would be super fun to see them go around gathering clues until the find the ultimate prize.

So you see guys! Valentine's Day can be extra fun and memorable without even leaving the comforts of your home. I hope that whatever you decide, you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Also, don't worry if you don't have a date, remember, these things can easily be transitioned into a GALentine's Day activity! Get your girls together and have a great time. You can read all about why I think celebrating your Galentine's is important here.

Thank you for reading and Happy Valentine's Day! XO


  1. aw these are such cute ideas! gonna have to do a few!!


  2. Wow great tips !! I normally am a last minute person !!

  3. These are all great ideas though but a cooking contest is my FAVORITE!!!!

  4. You two are also here a gorgeous couple! And I’m definitely cooking dinner for my hubby inbetween sleep and my night shift tomorrow night! Happy early Vday love birds!


  5. These are such great ideas!! I love the idea of a picnic at home and a game night!

    cute & little

  6. Such good ideas and what a gorgeous dress!

  7. Oh my gosh, that dress is stunning! These are all such great ideas!

  8. I love all your ideas! Gorgeous couple!

  9. Love these ideas! Gotta try with hubby!

  10. These are some great ideas! I’m saving this post for reference. :)

    Xx, Nailil

  11. These are such great ideas! A picnic at home is perfect for when we celebrate with the kids and a cooking contest sounds so fun too, can't believe it hadn't crossed my mind until now. Thanks so much for sharing x

  12. These are such good ideas. As soon as I get a boo we are doing these. LOL!


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