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Hey y'all! Happy Friday!

I missed a week last week, sorry about that! I have had a lot of personal things going on from my grandmother having a stroke to our house getting struck by lightning and we had SO MANY damages to deal with. Hear more about that story here. Anyway, despite all the things that went wrong, I definitely have to acknowledge the blessings in it all! My grandmother is doing great now and will be going home soon. Also, we weren't home when our house was struck and the damages did not make our home unlivable! Remember loves, no matter what you go through, be sure to always acknowledge the blessings behind the storm and still thank God for blessing and keeping you. :)

Now... let's chat!
At the bottom of this post, I'm going to do the total blogger thing and share my picks from this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because...I mean, they have some super cute stuff marked way down and only for a limited time, and things are selling out fast! Sale is open right now to Nordstrom credit and debit card holders, but if you do not have one, you can shop the sale starting on July 20th. 

What's new with me this week?
  • My husband and I, and two of our great friends went to Holiday World last weekend and we had so much fun! That was my first time ever going and I had a blast. Their water park is EVERYTHING! There's so many slides and water coasters. The weather was absolutely perfect too, so we will definitely go visit again! 
Look how beautiful this sunset is! Santa Claus, Indiana :)
Christmas all year round at Holiday World! HEAVEN!

  • I tried cooking a new recipe this past week and it was a HIT! I cooked Cheesy Garlic Chicken Spaghetti and my husband really enjoyed it and so did I! I'll have to admit, I was super nervous about cooking it because I'm not a cook AT ALL.. but I've been trying to cook more because my husband loves when I do. I may share the recipe on here one day.. what do y'all think?!
  • I'm super excited because we may be adding ANOTHER beach trip to our schedule for 2018! You guys, I'm in LOVE with traveling and if I could go on a trip every single month, I promise you that I would. It's not set in stone yet, but once it is, I'll let you guys know where! :)
Pic from Cabo back in March! View my travel guide here!
  • We have a new Restoration Hardware in Nashville at Green Hills Mall and it is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL inside. They have a small restaurant on the first floor and my husband and I went on Tuesday and the food was delicious. Not only that, but the ambiance is amazing too! If you're in the area, you should definitely check it out.

My steak was AMAZING!
Alright, now I'm going to share some of my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks! So, I split it up in four sections; sweaters, skirts/dresses/misc., cardigans, and shoes! Under each collage of photos, I linked all of the items. So, just match the picture with the picture of me and click to shop! Super easy peasy. :)

I picked a lot of basic items that can be worn many different ways. In my opinion, those are the best things to stock up on during this sale and they are the first to sell out! I apologize in advance, but some of these items are ALREADY sold out! :( Keep an eye out though, they tend to restock popular items when the sale officially starts!


So there we have it! Hope you enjoyed my Nordy Sale Look Book because I had a great time curating it for you guys! Are you swooning like I was over all these amazing items?! Ah! Can't wait for fall weather so I can enjoy all these Christmas in July goodies! :) Anyone else CRAVING Fall?!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend! xo


  1. I got the striped sweater too! I love it. Holiday World looks like so much fun. xo ~ Megan

  2. OK please post the recipe! That cheesy garlic chicken over a bed of spaghetti looks so yummy!! Also, love what you tried at the sale. That pink sweater is a-ma-zing!


  3. Oh how I wish I had the budget for all this shopping right now! There's so much goodness at the NSale! I love all the fun pieces you tried on! And I'm jealous of your trip to Holiday World - that sounds like a dream!

  4. The NSale has such great items! I have been eyeing a Tory Burch crossbody bag and really want it in tan. I love the black tall boots.

  5. I love that green sweater you tried on at Nordstrom!I hope you bough it ;)

  6. Ahhh I wish my Restoration Hardware had a restaurant in it. They always look so cute! Great picks from the Nordstrom Sale also!


  7. I'm glad your grandmother is doing better. While sitting on the expressway during a storm a couple weeks ago, I mentioned someone probably got struck by lightning when I saw it come down. I had no idea it might happen to someone I know. I'm glad to hear you weren't home and things are okay. Cute Nordstrom sale picks. I haven't shopped it, but I purchased some sheets during Macy's Black Friday sale this weekend.

  8. Love all your sale picks! I scooped up that striped Topshop sweater too! Hoping your grandmother and house are okay <3

    xx Mollie

  9. Anonymous7/16/2018

    So sorry to hear about your grandmother!! Hoping this week goes a lot better for everyone!

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  10. So many great Nordstrom Sale picks! I have gone a little Nsale crazy. Already placed three orders :-)
    xo Jessica

  11. So many great deals this year at the NSale!! Im also loving that white swimsuit!

  12. Restoration Hardware is such a cool store! Wish it was open when I was in Nashville a few months ago


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