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Happy Friday everyone!

Okay, so I KNOW this post is waaayy over due. I mean, it has been over a month since we have been back from Cabo, but it took a little longer than usual to get this post finished because just two weeks after Cabo, we left for Europe. So during that two week period, I was preparing for our long Europe trip. Better late than never right? However, I promise not to make you wait THIS long for the Europe trip posts! :)

Let me just say that this trip was extra special to me because it was my very first trip out of the country! I got my first stamp on my passport here y'all and I had a blast! I wanted to share a full recap of our trip and tell you about where we stayed and all that jazz! First, I'm going to share some of my favorite pictures from the trip, so scroll all the way to the bottom if you just want to read about the deets! xo
 We have ARRIVED! This is hubby and I fresh off the plane. We were burning up in our clothes because it was like 88 degrees in Cabo!

 Our bed in our hotel room. Loved the rose petals! I find it weird that they do their king sized beds like this, but we just un-tucked the middle for snuggles. :)

 This was pretty cool! We stayed at an all inclusive, so this liquor was included! Oh and of course, bottled water!

 This is the view from our hotel room balcony! So serene!

 Of course we had to get some PESOS! :)

These pictures make me want to go back like.. RIGHT NOW! :) Okay, now for the review!

Where Did We Stay?:
We stayed at Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas and it was FABULOUS! We seriously had the best time and it was beautiful! The resort is huge, with like two sides of the EXACT same setup. We only stayed on one side because the other side was, like I said, exactly the same. Our favorite place was the pool with the swim-up bar. We spent the majority of our time there and I mean, can you blame us?! The resort was all-inclusive, so that meant unlimited DRINKS at the bar!

So the hotel is about 35-40 minutes from the airport in Baja California Sur, Mexico, but the ride seems much shorter when you're excited about getting to the resort and hitting the pool! There is a beach on the resort, but you can't swim in it because of the tide. We didn't mind because the pool was amazing. We were there on St. Patrick's Day and they had a foam party at the pool that was so much fun. Okay, so I keep talking about the pool, but there were other awesome things too. Our room was very nice with great views and like I previously said, it was an all-inclusive resort so we could eat all day, every day. Which leads me to my next point...

Where Should We Eat?:
Cabo has a lot of great restaurants downtown and along the beach, but if you stay at Riu Palace, you will have plenty of food options on the resort. They have a Mexican restaurant, Steakhouse, and a buffet where you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The pictures of food above is from a restaurant on the beach called "The Office" and the food was really good! To be honest, we spent most of our eating time at the resort, but seriously, don't be afraid to venture out to different restaurants.

Things To Do:
Excursions: We went parasailing and it was SO much fun! I had wanted to try it forever, so I am glad we had a chance to do it. We also went out on a boat one of the days as well. Our friend, who's birthday we were celebrating, chartered the boat for the day and it was really cool! We were able to go snorkeling while on the boat and they provided snacks and unlimited drinks too!

Pool: Of course, you can always spend the day at the pool. With unlimited drinks at Riu Palace, you can chill at the pool all day and have a great time!

Downtown Cabo: There's so much to do downtown Cabo! There's shops, restaurants, clubs, and much more. Squid Row is a club that we went to and had an AMAZING TIME! We went to a couple more, but that's the one that stands out to me the most! If you go to Cabo, definitely make sure you pop in!

So that's it! Sorry if this post was a little lengthy, I tried to summarize as much as possible! :) If you have any specific questions about Cabo, let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. So much fun! Sounds and looks like you all had a blast. Thanks for sharing girl. Would love to travel to Cabo San Lucas sometime! Happy Friday.

    xo, Lydia

  2. This looks like a wonderful time! I've never been to Cabo but these pictures are making me want to go!

  3. This looks like such a fun trip! I love all your swimsuits!!


  4. I'm DYING to go to Cabo! It looks like you had such a good time.

  5. It looks like you had such an awesome vacation!!! I'm dying to go back to Cabo. Thanks for sharing all of this!

  6. Anonymous4/28/2018

    Omg, looks like so much fun!! Love your swimsuits!

    cute & little

  7. wow your photos are beautiful and your swim suits are gorgeous!!

  8. Yes, yes, yes! So much fun and absolutely beautiful!

    xo Laura Leigh

  9. Anonymous4/30/2018

    That liquor on tap is SO cool!! Never seen that before!! And girl, your bating suits!!! #smokin

    How 2 Wear It []

  10. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  11. Wow, what a fun trip, looks like you all had an amazing time!!

  12. What a fun trip!! Cabo is definitely on my list of places to go and this resort is beautiful!!

    xo, Kristina


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