Spring Cleaning with ThredUP


Hey guys! Happy Tuesday!

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown so much love to my husband and I after our announcement! We are seriously so excited to be moved into our very first house. I can't wait to share all of the spaces as we decorate them and turn our house into a home with you guys. It will be a pretty slow process as we are wanting to take our time and not buy everything at once, but whenever we get it done, I promise to share details with all of you!

So as we were packing up our apartment to move, we threw A LOT of stuff away. Some things we had accumulated over time, and some things we had when we moved in three years ago and never touched it once. We knew that we did not want to take a bunch of stuff to our new house that we weren't using or that we didn't want, so we decided to throw it out before hand.. and for me, that meant doing a little spring cleaning on my overflowing closet! Now, unfortunately, we waited to the last minute on some of our packing, so by the time it got to my closet, I could NOT clean. I just packed it all up and said I'd clean later. Well... it's later! :)

I know that I am a hoarder. I don't deny it and I accept it, however, I also know when enough is enough. I have so many clothes and shoes that I forget a lot of times exactly what it I have and buy more. I will unpack clothes for different seasons only to find new things with tags that I never had a chance to wear the previous season. It's kind of ridiculous. When I come to the point when I know it's time to get rid of the things I don't wear anymore, what better way to do that than to recycle them with ThredUP?

If you haven't heard of ThredUP or if you haven't been to their site, please do! ThredUP is the best way to clean out and your closet, and then turn around and buy great quality designer, secondhand items at a great price! When you fill up one of their 'clean out' bags and mail it into them, you have the opportunity to earn either cash or credit to use back on the ThredUp site. I've read lots of reviews from people who have tried ThredUp and they were disappointed in their payout. Here's my take on it: I don't have time to go to different consignment stores and play the game with them to see who wants to offer the most on my items. I am a super busy person that would much rather just put all the clothes and shoes I'm getting rid of in a bag, and either throw it away, give them to a friend, or just give it to Goodwill, honestly.

This is because once I take the time to clean my closet out and decide to part ways with something, I don't want to even be tempted in the slightest way to take it out and hang it back in my closet (I've done this many times y'all lol). I also don't want to ride around with it in my car for days going from shop to shop to find the best deals. I just want it all gone! Soooo ThredUP offers an opportunity for me to throw my clothes in a bag like I always do, seal it up, and then send it to them with the added bonus of potentially earning something back! I realize that they probably won't pay me for everything I send, but if I had just dropped my stuff off at Goodwill, I wouldn't have gotten paid at all for that so where's the loss? I don't see it!

Anyway, I'm excited to send off my first bag of clothes to ThredUP. I've already shopped with them once and I can definitely see myself doing it again. If you need to get a little spring cleaning done, I say go for it. All you have to do is go on their site and order a 'clean out' bag and they will send it to you pretty quickly! I know my husband probably wishes I had gotten this done before we moved because I would have had way less things for him to move into our house haha! Oh well, I'm going to get it done this weekend for sure. Order your bag ladies and we can clean our closets together! :)

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Spring Cleaning! xo


  1. Anonymous5/30/2017

    Hey what type of polish do you use that color is nice? Is that a gel pedicure?

    1. Hello! It is not a gel on my toes, but they do have it in gel (I have gel on my hands!). It is an OPI color and it is called "Suzi without a paddle" or something like that! I think it's from the new summer collection. Hope that helps! Xo

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