Jam's 26th Birthday Wishlist

Okay so y'all know I'm SUPER SUPER excited today right?!

IT IS JUNE 1ST! Which means that it is OFFICIALLY #JamMonth. WOOT WOOT!

I have always been super obsessed with my birthday. I usually start my countdown around April, but with everything we have had going on, it didn't really hit me until about a week ago that my birthday was coming up! 26.. I can't believe that I am turning 26 in 8 days. Y'all know this means I am no longer going to be on the young side of my 20s... but the side closer to 30! Lord Jesus, take the wheel because I don't know how to feel (BARS!).

Anyway, what better way to kick-off #JamMonth than to share a few photos from last year's birthday shoot, and a little birthday wishlist with you guys?! I honestly hadn't thought a lot about gifts I wanted for my birthday this year because all I can really think about is how I want to decorate our new home and all of the projects I want to do. However, I have had a few loved ones ask me one of my favorite questions, "what do you want for your birthday?", so I thought it would only be right to give them something to go off of, right?! Right.

So my list is pretty small, but here we go!

Jam's Birthday Wish List

1. Gift Cards
I can never have too many gift cards! It's no secret I love to shop and eat, so having gift cards to all my favorite places would be amazing! Some examples: Nordstrom, Bath and Body Works, Outback Steakhouse, Target, etc. I really shop everywhere so you can't really go wrong with a gift card!

2. CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Perfume
This is my FAVORITE fragrance of all time and I have sadly run out! A new bottle would make me OH so happy! You can buy it pretty much wherever fragrance is sold.

3. Tory Burch 'Miller' Sandal 
I have wanted a pair of these for a while now, but just have not brought myself to buy them for myself. I have just heard so many great things about them and how comfortable they are. Since I am traveling a lot now, I am on the hunt for easy airport shoes for security. I'd love either the black pair or the new leopard print pair! (Size 9)

4. Cute Short-Set Pajamas/Sleep Shirts
Now that we have made the ultimate adult move and bought a house, for some reason, I feel like I should own real PJs and not just sleep in old tshirts. I mean, I probably still will sometimes just because they are just so dang comfortable, but I really want some cute sleep shirts and pajamas! Victoria Secret has some of the cutest sleep shirts I've ever seen!

5. #RAKforJAM
So if you have been following TJE for awhile, you will already know what that is. Last year, I asked all of my readers for the ultimate birthday gift and this year, I'm asking again. #RAKforJam basically means that I would love to see or privately hear about the different "Random Acts of Kindness" you guys do for people each and every day during the month of June. It doesn't have to be anything big because kindness can come in all shapes and sizes. I just love hearing about the nice things people do for others simply because it lifts my spirits and let's be honest, with all the hate in the world right now, we could USE some positivety! You can read all about how you can participate in #RAKforJAM here.

So that's it folks! That's my birthday wishlist for year 26! Honestly, getting into our first home this year has been the ultimate gift for me. I can't thank God enough for making that happen for us! Also, I will spending time with my friends and family on my birthday weekend and that is the perfect gift as well! So much to look forward to and to be thankful for

I'm linking the items from my list below for convenience purposes! :) 

Thank you guys so much for reading! xo


  1. I am thinking of doing a similar post on my blog! Totally got some ideas from reading this. I wonder if anyone actually buys you whats on your wishlist.

    -xo, Makaela

    1. You should definitely write one! My mom read it and got me a few things off of it. :) Even if no one does, it's fun to write out in my opinion!


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