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Hey lovelies! Happy Friday!

I hope you all have some cool things planned for the weekend! I'm not sure if it is going to happen, but I am hoping to get a lot of rest this weekend. I have been going and going nonstop and it is really starting to wear on my body. I'm so surprised I haven't gotten sick (knocks on wood), but make sure if you've had a busy month, you try to take care of you this weekend! I'll let y'all know if I actually get some rest next week.

Today, I decided that I wanted to go ahead and share the things that will be in my 5K Giveaway! I know I initially said that it would be a surprise, but I'm excited to share some of my favorite things with you, so I thought why not? As you know, in my giveaway I will be giving out a $25 gift card to Amazon + 5 of my all time favorite things! So, ready to know what those favorite things are?! :) Here we go!

My 5K Giveaway Favorite Things

I am pretty sure I have blogged about this magical piece of goodness before, but in case you didn't see that post, just know, it is truly amazing. With this magical cloth, all you need is water and it literally takes ALL of your makeup off! It'll save you money on buying makeup remover wipes because you just pop it in the washing machine when it gets dirty and boom, you can use it all over again!

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am obsessed with lipsticks. Lately, I've been rocking a lot of nude lips, but on most days, you will catch me in some bright colors like red, purple, coral, etc. I feel that lipstick can make any outfit pop that much more! You'll be pretty amazed at how good these lippies are. I didn't think they would be super pigmented, but they are! I hope the winner loves them like I do!

I'm obsessed with socks that aren't normal! I seriously do not own any socks that are solid colors. I don't have any white, black, or grey socks. All of my socks either have stripes, polka dots, animals, words, etc. There's something about knowing that deep down in my shoe lies a piece of my personality that everyone can't always see. You may catch me in Christmas socks in June and Halloween socks in January! I love them!

I have to admit guys.. this mascara is a holy grail of mine. "Every time I try to leave.. something keeps pulling me back, me back" (someone will get it, haha!). No, but seriously, I have tried so many other mascaras and initially, I really love them. I think it's just the shock of something new that I think I'm truly on to something, but then, after so long, I start to find a lot I don't like about it. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my L'Oreal mascara and I will buy it from my local Walgreen's in a crunch, but this one is still the G.O.A.T.!

 If you've been following TJE for a while, you should know I have a slight (maybe more massive) obsession with my girl Kate Spade! My favorite purses are Kate Spade a long with some of my most favorite statement jewelry. It's only right I throw in some Kate Spade loving to this giveaway package!

Alright loves, so there you have it! I am giving away FIVE of my most favorite things along with a $25 Amazon gift card just because I truly love you guys and appreciate all of the support you have shown me thus far. If you have not entered my giveaway, you still have time! You can see the different ways to enter once again HERE.

The winner will be randomly selected, and announced on March 31st!

Thank you so much for reading! xo 

*This is NOT a sponsored post at all. I just really love you guys!*

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