Denim Skirt + "Cold Shoulder" Button Down

Spring vibes.
I'm seriously feeling ALL of the spring vibes right now!
I don't think y'all understand how obsessed I am with the Spring season. I'm sure if you read all of my posts you're like "Okay Jam, we understand.. you love Spring! Enough Already!" HA! I promise I'll stop, I just really have to emphasize sometimes! Has anyone else tried this spring trend with the off-the-shoulder button down shirts? I honestly didn't know if I would like it when I first decided to try it, but honey I LOVE it!

I have had this button down top from American Eagle for so many years and I just played with it a little bit to get it to lay off of my shoulders. I know they sell button down tops that are supposed to be off-the-shoulder now and you'll probably see at least one before the end of the spring/summer seasons, but I enjoy experimenting with clothing I already have sometimes! Go ahead and grab that old button down out your closet and put a twist on it by throwing it off the shoulder.

Pairing my button down top with this denim skirt from Loxley Boutique, and my brown booties from A'GACI just made perfect sense to me. I'm not a huge fan of peep-toe shoes, but every now and then I will find a pair that I just HAVE to have and these were that for me! I would wear this outfit to brunch with girlfriends or a nice date night with hubby. What about you?

Shirt: American Eagle (SO old!) | Skirt: Loxley Boutique | Shoes: A'GACI | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Sunglasses: RayBan
Thank you for reading! xo

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