Friday Favorites | Last Minute Vday Gift Guide

Friday Favorites | Last Minute Vday Gift Guide

Happy Friday lovelies!

So it has been a LOVE-FILLED week here on TJE. You've gotten outfit inspiration, a gift guide for men, ideas on how to enjoy the holiday as a single person, and now... it is the Friday before Valentine's Day and if you're like a lot of people, you've probably waited until the last minute to get that special gift for the loves in your life. Don't forget what I've been saying all week; Valentine's Day doesn't have to be JUST for your significant other. You can buy gifts for your "Galentine", mother, grandmother, sister, best friend, etc. The options are endless.. but what happens when you wait until the last minute?! You freak out?! Nope!

All you do is come to TJE and let me show you some last minute gifts for your loved ones that'll be super easy to either make or pick up! Sometimes we forget that a little can go a long way. I'm talking gifts from the heart. Have you ever tried making a nice card or buying her favorite color flowers? What about cooking together instead of going out? The options are endless guys and I'm here to tell you that most women will appreciate the little things. In addition to that, I'm linking lots of gift options below with varying price points to make shopping a breeze, so you should have no issues, right? Right! :)
Have a great weekend and happy shopping! xo

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