Fun Fringe Frenzy | It's My Birthday Month!

Hey everyone! Happy HUMP Day! :)

I am SUPER excited today because it is JUNE FIRST!! It is OFFICIALLY my birthday month and I am PUMPED! I seriously can't believe I am about to be 25! Trust me, I feel a slew of emotions about it all, but the above picture pretty much sums up my true feelings! :-D

I felt that today would be the perfect day to highlight this super cute fringe dress I wore to a surprise birthday party a week or so ago. I was shopping at my local Ross when I came across this dress and I carried it around the store for about 30 minutes debating if I was going to buy it or not because at the time, I had no where to wear it! I am so glad I decided to buy it because I absolutely LOVE it and it was perfect for the party I went to, which had the color scheme of black, gold, and silver!

Because I found this dress at my local Ross, I can't link the exact dress on here, but I did find a similar one for only $40, so check it out below! Also, I bought my Louboutins last year so I couldn't find those to link on here either, but again I did find some similar ones for you guys to check out. I promise if I find mine online somewhere, I will link them for y'all!

Anyway, does anyone else feel a huge relief once they make it through the first day of the week? I mean normally it is when you make it through Monday, but this week since I didn't have to work Monday because of Memorial Day, I feel my sigh of relief today! It always just feels like you get hit with so many different things on the first day of the week and the day just seems to never end, but then once I make it through, the rest of the week just flies by! I know it can't just be me that feels this feeling! I'm just glad it is Wednesday because it means we are that much closer to Friday! WOOHOO!

Thanks for reading guys! XOXO

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