Show Some Shoulder for Some Sunshine

Romper: Lulu*s | Sandals: Target 

Heyyyy everybody! :) Thank goodness it is almost Friday!

I'm really excited for this weekend because it is the weekend before my birthday and I am looking forward to finalizing all of my plans for my birthday weekend. I have a pretty good idea of the main things I am doing, but I want to do something really memorable for this milestone of a birthday. I know one thing for sure, spending some time celebrating with my friends is something I really want to do and it is very important to me! 
I tried my best to make it to all of my good friends 25th birthday festivities and I'm hoping my friends will be able to celebrate with me on my day also. I absolutely LOVE spending time with my friends! Which brings me to the significance of this outfit, or rather the event I wore it to.

I wore this super comfortable and cute romper last Sunday to one of my really great friend's house for a Pre-Memorial Day barbecue. I was so excited to go and my husband and I had an amazing time! Her family sure does know how to have a great time. There was so much food and dancing, and we even played Taboo (my team lost, but we aren't even going to talk about that lol). I really love being around my friends, especially ones that make me happy like my friend Jasmine! :)

Anyway, I don't think they have many of this romper left in stock, so you better snag one before they are gone! I love how comfortable and flowy it is. I can't wait to get more wears out of it this summer.

Thanks for reading loves! XOXO

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