Post Memorial Day | Exploring Nashville

Dress: Papaya | Sandals: Off Broadway | Clutch: Kate Spade | Sunglasses: Charming Charlie


HEYYYY EVERYBODY! Ughhh! Did anyone else STRUGGLE to get up this morning for work after this amazing three day weekend?! I seriously think I needed just one more day! I mean, the good news is, we are now just THAT much closer to Friday, but man am I tired! I had an amazing weekend though! I got to spend time with my hubby and some of my friends and I spent time with my Mom yesterday after hubby and I explored Nashville a little bit.

I have been telling my husband for a while now that I really want to become a tourist here in Nashville because although we were both born and raised here, there is SO MUCH we both have not seen! I feel bad sometimes when someone I know comes to town and asks me about different 'Nashville Staples' and I'm looking like a deer in headlights because I have no clue about some of those places. So yesterday, we decided to explore a little bit and despite the TERRIBLE heat (it is going to be a hot summer y'all), we had so much fun!

We had lunch at The Pharmacy and it was DELICIOUS! We both said we would go back again. Then, we went to South Nashville to visit Sprinkles Cupcakes and there we saw some cool art work on the walls and HAD to snap a few photos! It was exciting because I saw a bunch of new spots for photo ops, so I can't wait to go back down there again.

What are some of your favorite 'Nashville Staples'?! Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading guys! It is the last day of May today which means tomorrow starts #JAYMONTH! WOOHOO!  :)


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