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About a year ago, I was getting ready to head out to LA for the BET Awards! When I tell ya'll I had an amazing time, that doesn't even begin to describe it! One of the best trips of my life and it was only for a weekend. I went to four different concerts, the BET awards, and an amazing after party. I felt like a celebrity all weekend.

LA is a beautiful city and my husband and I fell in love with it. We are really considering moving there at some point in our lives, but for now Hendersonville suits us just fine. The weather was just perfect all the time and with both of our career aspirations, we think that would be the perfect place for us to settle down. I'm looking forward to going back sometime this year to visit because the weekend was so packed with BET festivities, I didn't get a chance to be a tourist. I had been to LA once before when I was a kid, but it's a totally different experience when you're an adult!

Tell me guys, what are some places we should hit when we go back?!

Thank you for reading! XOXO

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