10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays During a Pandemic



My FAVORITE time of year is upon us friends! The holiday season is basically here! I mean, we have about 15 days until Thanksgiving and then only 44 days until Christmas. That is SO much closer than we probably all thought! This year looks so different for all of us! It literally flew by and now we are at the end, but the question is will we be able to celebrate the holiday season like we normally would?

The thought of not being able to celebrate the holidays and do all of the traditional things I know and love is extremely gut wrenching to me, but I realize that things are just different right now and we have to embrace this season the best way we know how. I've really been trying to think of different ways to still celebrate my favorite time of year despite the fear surrounding COVID 19. I thought you all may be wondering the same thing, so here's 10 different ways to celebrate the holidays during this pandemic.


Ten Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in a Pandemic

1.  Have a SMALL Gathering

Just because we can't gather in large capacities right now doesn't mean we can't gather at all. Reach out to your closest friends and family members, and have a small safe gathering. Let's be honest, one of the best things about the holiday season is seeing family and friends!

2. Have Zoom Holiday Parties

Want to see more of your favorite people? No problem! Have a Zoom or Google Meet's party right from the comfort of your own home! You can make it fun and require everyone to wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters or bake something to snack on while you're partying. You can crank up some music or just have great conversation.

3. Bake Cookies and Treats

Nothing says holiday time like Christmas cookies and cakes! Get creative in your kitchen and whip up some sweet treats to enjoy and maybe share! One of my favorite traditions is baking cookies with my family, and since it's a small group that should be something we don't have to postpone this year.

4. Visit a Drive Through Christmas Light Show

This is something that believe it or not, I have NEVER done! Every year I say I'm going to go, but the time just slips away from me. Not this year! We are making it a priority because it is socially distant and safe! You are in your own car and you can ride through and see all of the gorgeous lights. There's also a few places with walk through light shows as well and I'd say that's pretty safe too because it's outside! 

5. Send Christmas Cards to Loved Ones

Can't be with your loved ones this holiday season? I know it's probably tough, but send them a Christmas card to make them feel closer to you! It has been a crazy year and seeing your family smiling on a card will probably be the heart warmer you need. 



6. Have a Christmas Movie Night

This is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season! I LOVE watching Christmas movies with my husband and my Mom. Grab your favorite Christmas PJs and some snacks, and turn on those movies! Nothing says Christmas to me like seeing Kevin lost in New York City or watching The Krank's dodge their neighbors!

7. Make a Christmas Playlist and Share it With Family and Friends

I have my special Christmas playlist every single year, but I've never shared it with my friends and family. I think that sharing the songs that bring you joy and happiness can do the same for your family! Just share it through your favorite music streaming platform and y'all can jam out to the same tunes and feel closer together.

8. Decorate your Home and Front Door

I was surprised to learn how many people opt to not decorate for the holidays! It literally doesn't feel like Christmas to me if I can't lay on the couch and watch the twinkling lights from my tree or see the wreath on my front door when I arrive home each day. Adding a little Christmas/Holiday decor to your home can be an instant mood booster, I promise you!

9. Have a Socially Distant Cookie Exchange

This is something I think would be SO much fun! Gather a group of friends, and bake your cookies. Then, find one person to drop the cookies off on their front porch. You can even have maybe a Zoom party afterward to try the different cookies and talk about it via Zoom!

10. Holiday Fort by the Christmas Tree

Y'all know I love my forts! This time, make it festive! Make a fort by the Christmas tree and bring in some hot cocoa and sweet treats. If you're near the TV, you can watch movies here too while being surrounded by the lights from your tree. If you have children, I bet they would absolutely enjoy this as well!


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What are some ideas you have to bring that holiday joy to your home this season? I hope you are able to enjoy yourself! This year may be a little different, but the magic of the holiday season is still there. We just have to be a little more careful and use our creativity to find it! :)


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  1. So many fun ideas! I'll definitely be doing these! We have a walk through light show in town but this year, they made it a drive through. So fun!


  2. These are all great ideas for everyone struggling to find news ways in 'demic. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  3. yesssssss, these are such great ideas!! I cant usually get my act together for Christmas cards but feel like this is a year to make it a must.

  4. This is so fun! I love the idea of going through drive thru Christmas light show!

    Xo, Steph

  5. The holidays are def going to look different this year, but these are some great ideas to get through them successfully! xoxo, Sarah

  6. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to do a drive-through light show! I did one a few years ago with my husband and it was a blast. It's such a great socially distant holiday idea. And you've got so many other great suggestions as well!

  7. These are all great ideas! My husband and I were just talking last night about how we were going to navigate the holidays!

  8. These are great ideas for how to still celebrate during COVID! Holidays are for sure going to be different, but these are all such great ideas for still being able to celebrate. Xx.

  9. These are great ideas! For sure the holidays will be different this year, but I still think there are great way to get into the holiday spirit.


  10. All of these are such wonderful to fully enjoy the holidays despite the craziness going on! I'm just hoping and praying that things will clear up in the next few weeks.

  11. All about some holiday baking! And a drive through lights display sounds amazing.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day


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