How to Explore the UAE in 6 Days

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I'm super excited about this post because today I'm going to be sharing how you can explore the UAE in 6 days. A couple days ago I shared the Dubai, UAE Travel Guide, but since I've had so many questions about what to do in Dubai, I wanted to break down the trip a little bit more. Putting together the itinerary for our Dubai trip back in January was so much fun for me. I wanted to make sure that we saw as much as possible without being too overwhelmed and I think I did just that.

I was super excited because all of the people who traveled with us had an amazing time and fully trusted me to put together a great trip. One thing I would like to point out, I'm not going to link any of the companies of the excursions we did, however, if you guys would like the information of costs and companies we went with, you can email me personally and I would be more than happy to send it to you!
I hope you guys enjoy this post!
How to Explore the UAE in 6 Days
For the first half of the day, do things at your leisure.
Go to the beach, walk around the area where your hotel is, get some good breakfast/brunch. Whatever you want to do.
Dubai City Tour 2pm-7:30pm
We thoroughly enjoyed this tour! We were able to see so much of Dubai in a short amount of time. Doing it with a tour, we were able to see some major Dubai landmarks including the Jumeirah Mosque, hear a lot of the history of Dubai, not to mention we had transportation! Did you guys know Dubai was only 15 years old? That is so crazy to think about!

Leisure for the first half of the day.
Desert Safari 3:30pm-10pm
Definitely another highlight! During the desert safari, you will be picked up from you hotel, driven into the desert where you can purchase abayas and hijabs, you will be taken on a crazy fun sand dune ride, camel riding, dinner with a show, and henna tattoos, plus so much more! Literally the ultimate experience. We had a blast! I smoked Shisha for the first (and only) time because we were in Dubai during this excursion.

Breakfast @ Eggspectation
Ziplining Across Dubai with XLine
(we actually didn't get to do this, but it was planned and you guys should definitely do it if you have the time!)
Go to City Walk
Dinner @ Prime68 Steakhouse 7:30pm
This was my favorite meal from the trip! Such amazing views, such great food, spectacular ambiance. Definitely make reservations to eat here if you have time!

IMG World of Adventure
This was an indoor theme park and so much fun! It has four different worlds to explore and I believe there's rides for all ages. Also great food options here too! If you can go on a week day, do that. No lines!
Dhow Dinner Cruise
We didn't get to do this, but I found a great one! Let me know if you want the information!

Abu Dhabi for the Day
This is an all day excursion and honestly the best day! Marcus says that this day was his favorite memory from the entire trip. We were picked up early in the morning from our hotel and we were off to Abu Dhabi. We started the day at museum and then we went to the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque and it is absolutely stunning! The pictures do it no justice at all, you just have to see it to believe it! After that, we went down and saw some Abu Dhabi landmarks and had lunch across the water from the Emirates Palace. We ended the day at Ferrari World and we had a BLAST! Ferrari World is the home of the world's fastest roller coaster and it was INTENSE. We had to wear goggles! I could honestly only handle it once, but my husband and two of our friends rode it a second time. Nevertheless, I had an amazing time this day. Be sure to visit and if you can stay longer, do it! The next time we visit the UAE, we will be staying in Abu Dhabi for sure.

We explored the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates on our last day. We went to the Mall of the Emirates first. This mall has the indoor ski place in it and it looks really nice! My cousins did it and had a wonderful time. After that mall, we went to the Dubai Mall and y'all it is HUGE! There's an aquarium in there plus the entrance to Burj Khalifa. This is also where the water show is held outside. Such a great mall! It honestly overwhelmed me though from a shopping standpoint. You would be surprised to know I didn't really buy anything. I still can't believe it! :)

**We went to Club White one of the nights we were there and it was so much fun! Definitely go if you have the time! Be sure to dress up because if you don't, you may not get in.

Well guys! That's it! If you made it this far in the post, you are the BEST! I hope you enjoyed this format. Please let me know if you do. Also, if you have any specific questions about the UAE, please reach out to me personally and I will be more than happy to share with you.

Thank you so much for reading! xo


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