8 Black Friday Shopping Tips

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I am in the BEST mood possible because it is FRIDAY and next week is Thanksgiving week! Ah! When a major holiday like Thanksgiving is in the middle of the week, don't you just feel like you don't want to do ANYTHING productive?! Work doesn't seem as important.. all you want to do is prep for the holiday and just get in the spirit. It is literally the most wonderful time of the year! I've already been in Christmas mode, but this time next week... just know it is ON! :)

Anyway, today's post is ALL ABOUT Black Friday shopping! Last year, I wrote this post giving a good list of tips for Black Friday, but today I'm going to add a couple more. Black Friday shopping has always been a tradition for me. In fact, when I was a little girl, back when Black Friday shopping ACTUALLY happened on Black Friday (some of these retailers are getting quite ridiculous opening on Thanksgiving), my Mom and I would go out at midnight in some cute Christmas pajamas. It was so much fun! This year, we aren't looking for anything specific so it'll be fun to just be out to see what deals we can find instead of rushing to get in line. If you do have some things on your wish list already, I suggest you go and read last year's post and then come back to this one for even more tips and tricks!

8 Black Friday Shopping Tips

1. Make a List.. Check it Twice (Had to do it, haha!)
Check out all of the Black Friday Ads ahead of time and then make a list of all the things you want to get while you're out. Then, most importantly, try to STICK to this list or you'll end up buying things just because it was a 'good deal' and you'll get home and be wondering who you're going to give it to! Trust me, I speak from experience.
2. Put Your Shopping Bags in the Trunk or Out of Sight
This one is SUPER important because..safety! Make sure while you're out shopping, you keep all of your shopping bags out of plain sight in your vehicle. We'd like to think people won't break into your cars, but let's be honest.. people can be crazy and this is the perfect time of year for the crazies to come out. Just be safe!
3. Wear Comfortable Shoes
There is nothing worse than planning a full night of shopping and then being uncomfortable the entire time because your feet hurt! I'm all for being cute and everything, but make sure you're cute AND comfortable.
4. Dress in Cozy Layers
This is another biggie. Especially if you plan to get to stores before they open and have to stand outside in line. Layer up so you won't be freezing, but be sure it's things you can remove because while shopping you may get warm.

5. Take A Shopping Cart or Stroller
So I have to think of my Mom while talking about this one! I have to admit, her little shopping cart that she keeps in her trunk, it used to embarrass me as a kid. I'm not sure why, but honestly, do we ever know why our parents are just SO embarrassing when we are kids? I guess they just are! Anyway, now in my adult life, I LOVE that she keeps a cart especially when we are shopping in a mall. Who wants to carry a bunch of bags all day? Not me! Get a cart!
6. Start Your Night With A Full Tank of Gas
Fill up your tank preferably the day before so you won't have to worry about getting gas really late at night. It's just not safe and it'll be one less thing to worry about!

7. Have Snacks!
I'm personally the type of person that always has some type of candy or something in her purse and you definitely want to have some snacks on hand during your late night shopping extravaganza. Some food places may capitalize on black Friday shoppers, but just in case you're in a place where nothing is open, have something and some water!

8. Relax and Try To Have FUN!
Most importantly friends, try to have a good time and don't stress out! Black Friday shopping is so much fun if you don't sweat the small stuff. Be in the moment and let things roll how they roll.

So there you have it friends! 8 new tips for a successful black Friday and if you read this post from last year, then you'll have 16 great tips! Your Black Friday should go extra smooth. :)
What are some things you're looking for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. These are great tips! For sure comfortable clothes and layers are a must!


  2. Your list makes Black Friday shopping sound easy. I am LOL at little you with your Mom and the cart/stroller. My Mom did the same thing!! (And it's such a good idea now that we're adults, right??)

  3. These are such great tips!

  4. These are such great tips. #2 is so important.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  5. Great tips, keeping bags out of sight is a good idea to keep in mind!
    xoxo Sarah Lindner

  6. such great tips! Love black Friday sales!

  7. Great tips! I used to love going out into the crowds for Black Friday shopping, now I just do everything online!

  8. These are all great Black Friday shopping tips! I think keeping snacks handy is always smart so you don't get hangry!


  9. Great tips but my favorite is shop online!! So glad that stores offer great deals and free shipping online- I just can't get into the craziness of the mall!

  10. I agree with all of these tips! It makes it a much better experience!

  11. These are such great tips! Can't wait to shop all the deals!


  12. Wearing comfy shoes is always my advice! Standing/waiting in lines is so awful on Black Friday!

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

  13. I think I will avoid shopping lol but love these tips!

  14. So many great tips!! Black Friday is always so stressful but I LOVE shopping online instead of going in store!!

  15. These are awesome Black Friday tips! I love doing my shopping online though! It gets so crazy!!

    cute & little

  16. These are really great tips! I am not one to shop on Black Friday but I love Cyber Monday!

  17. Anonymous11/21/2018

    These are all great! I need to remember to stick to my list this year!! haha

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  18. So many goodies! The sales this year were SO good!

    xo Laura Leigh


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