Tips for a Successful Black Friday

You guys... we are ONE WEEK away from Black Friday and I am SO excited! There is nothing like going out at night, seeing all the happy (and sometimes pushy) shoppers scurrying along the aisles searching for Christmas gifts. If you're looking for something, people are willing to point you in the right direction and you have a 99% chance of seeing people out in onesies and Christmas pajamas. I LOVE it all! I have gone out Black Friday shopping every year for as long as I can remember. In the past, it was a family thing. We'd meet at one house, lay out all of the ads, map our plan of action, and then hit the stores! The rush is irreplaceable to me. It was so much fun to kick off the holiday season with my loved ones. Now, in my adult life, I've dragged my precious husband into it and my Mom of course still goes too.

I'm upset that most stores don't wait until Black Friday to open anymore. Half of the fun was waiting until midnight to go out and shop, but now your Thanksgiving dinner has to be early and cut short in order to get out and shop and I hate it for the workers! I'm sure most of you are like "Ugh.. I stay AWAY from ALL shops on Black Friday.. you're crazy!", and that is okay! It's normal to feel that way if you've never been or if you don't have a plan. That is why I am here to share some tips with you for successful Black Friday shopping. Keep on reading lovelies! :)

First things first, one of the main ways I prepare for Black Friday is I shop EARLY. Meaning, I am actually almost finished with all of my Christmas shopping already. I do this because I don't want to be stressed on Black Friday looking for specific things. Yes, there are a few things I have waited for Black Friday to buy, but you have to watch the stores you love and shop in throughout the end of October and November to catch sales. Sometimes, the sales that happen during that time is much better than the Black Friday sales will be. I'm sure you're probably saying "Dang Jam, thanks for telling me all late!", and I'm sorry! However, you do still have most of next week to scan the stores for good deals. Aside from that, there's next year to get a head start. :)

Now for the tips...

1. Download a Black Friday App
The one I use is simply called "Black Friday" and it has a green exclamation point as the logo. Having this app will allow you to have all of the stores ads in one place. I like it because it is easy to navigate and it also lets you create wish lists for each store you plan on going to so you can easily find the things you want without having to carry the papers with you. You don't necessarily have to download that one, but that's the one I like!

2. Figure Out The Main Thing You HAVE to HAVE
So what is the one thing you NEED to get on Black Friday? Make note of the time the store will be opening and all of those details so you can ensure you get it. If it is something big like a TV or game system, those things go REALLY fast, so to ensure you get it, plan to get in that line first. Which brings me to my next tip...

3. Plan to Get In Line Early
Don't think you can show up at 6pm on Thanksgiving evening if the store opens at 6pm. The line will more than likely be wrapped around the building and whatever it is you're dying to have, will already be sold out by the time you get to the front of the line! If the store opens at 6pm, unfortunately, you should probably plan to be in line by 4pm. This depends on how popular the area is where you're going to shop, but it's still pretty standard.

4. Take the Big Car
If you have more than one car in your family, take the biggest one when you go out shopping on Black Friday. This is especially true if you are buying TVs! Nothing worse than getting the TV you want and then it doesn't fit in your car. Plan ahead!

5. Nothing Specific? Buy Electronics
My experience has told me that Black Friday is most definitely one of the best times to buy electronics! If you don't have anything specific you're shopping for, but you're just itching to buy something, buy some electronics. The prices will more than likely be extra low.

6. Create a Budget and STICK TO IT
Seriously, it is so easy to get out there on Black Friday and see amazing deals and just fill your cart up because the deal is just too good to pass up. However, don't do that! Be mindful of your budget and stick to it otherwise you may wake up the next day really upset. Impulse buying can be really tempting, but resist girl, resist.

7. Shop With a Friend/Partner
Not only do I not think it's safe to just go out shopping on your own late at night, you'll probably just have a really hard time. It's so much easier to have someone with you so one person can stand in line, one person can grab the stuff you need, etc. Plus, it makes it so much more fun! Now, last but certainly not least...

I have seen some crazy mamas out there fighting over the last Barbie Doll House or the latest XBOX game, but seriously, that doesn't have to be you! My best memories from Black Friday is how friendly everyone seems to be. It is the official kick-off to the holiday season and it puts me and everyone around me in a jolly mood. Be the jolly! Never the grinch! :)

What are some of your Black Friday shopping tips?

Sweater: TopShop | Jeans: Fashion Nova | Shoes: Adidas | Purse: Kate Spade

Thanks for reading and happy shopping! xo


  1. Love these tips! I am definitely going to download that app it sounds like it'll make my life much easier on Black Friday!
    xo Kimmie

  2. Great tips! I put my tree up early this year and I even felt like that helped to make the holidays seem less stressful. Just get a head start on it all!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

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    Megan |

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    Sabrina | Gypsy Tan

  9. Such a cute sweater! And great tips for Black Friday!

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  11. Loving all these tips as well! Thank you for sharing!


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