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My Spring Wish List

Believe it or not, by calendar standards, it is SPRING now people! I know in most places, it doesn't necessarily feel like spring yet, but we are there. As of a few weeks ago, spring sprung and now we are just waiting for the weather to catch up! It has been hard for me to do justify spring shopping because almost everything I want, requires warmer weather! However, that did not stop me from composing my 2018 spring wish list to share with you guys! I know sooner or later the weather will catch up and we will be able to indulge in all our spring favs! :)

I'm really obsessed with these hot pink high waist pants I bought a couple months ago! I bought them at Missguided, but they are out of stock so I couldn't link them. I did link some similar pants above though and I actually really like those too! I love the bright pink color as well as the fit! Super comfortable! As the weather starts to warm up, I will probably wear them with a tank or crop top! See some other things I'm obsessing over below. Also, keep checking back because I'll probably keep adding things as I see them! :)

What are some things on your spring wish list? Let me know in the comments below or on my instagram page, @jamariaoliviaj. Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. I'm obsessed with this color combination! So cute for spring.

  2. Those pants are SO fun! I love a good wide leg pair!

  3. These hot pink pants are AMAZING! Love the blue/pink color combination, so fun.

  4. Those pants are so much fun! You styled them perfectly!


  5. those pants are perfection!


  6. Those pants are fabulous!! I'm obsessed with the color and I'm all about anything high waisted!

    xo, Laura

  7. Living for those pink pants!!

  8. It doesn't feel like Spring but so with you on dressing like it's Spring!! Those pants are totally amazing on you.

  9. Love a good chambray top and it pairs perfectly with those pants-- fab look!

  10. Okay, I am OBSESSED with those pink pants! Theyre officially on my wishlist now! The other items I have on my June want list are a boat hat and white high waisted shorts.

  11. I love love this look. Those pants are everything.


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