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Outfit Details -- (1) Sweater: Tobi | Pants: American Eagle | Boots: Vince Camuto | Purse: Kate Spade (2) Sweater: Tobi | Jeans: Fashion Nova | Necklace: Julia Marie (3) Sweater Dress: Tobi | Vest: Old Navy (super old) | Boots: Tory Burch

It is Day Seven of 12 Days of Christmas with TJE and I am super excited to bring a jolly, cheer-filled post to you guys today. We are officially FIVE days away from Christmas and I cannot WAIT! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is watching my family and friends open their gifts. I get so excited because I put so much thought and love into each gift that I buy. I've enjoyed spreading Christmas cheer to you guys! The majority of my days have been spent on Instagram (@throughjamseyes) and I have been posting A LOT of stories. If you need some entertainment to get you through this work week before Christmas, check out my stories! :)

So let's get into today's post! I will be sharing 7 holiday activities that you can enjoy on these last five days until Christmas! I don't know about y'all, but I like to take advantage of these days! I have been wearing Christmas sweaters and festive jewelry all week and I don't plan on stopping! If you're having a little trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, then this post is for you!

Seven Holiday Activities to Enjoy

1. Watch Christmas Movies -- My husband and I have watched at least one Christmas movie every day this month. It is the perfect way to get in and stay in the Christmas spirit! Some of our favorites include Jingle All The Way, This Christmas, Elf, and Home Alone. I want to invite some friends over this weekend for a Christmas movie marathon and I'll probably wear the outfit below! This is the most comfortable sweater from Tobi and jeans from Fashion Nova! If I'm not lounging in pajamas, it'll be these. If you don't want to have friends over, just snuggle up on the couch with some hot chocolate or wine, light a holiday-scented candle, and enjoy a good movie! 

2. Go Shopping With Friends and/or Family -- The holiday rush can be a little overwhelming, but not if you don't deal with it alone! Grab a friend, some Starbucks, and hit the stores together. Or, if you're like me, shopping with my Mom is ALWAYS fun. Nothing like it! :)

3. Go Look at Christmas Lights/Decorations -- This can be done by driving around to neighborhoods where majority of the homes are decorated, go to your city center/downtown and see their decor, or you can go to a place that specializes in Christmas lights. Here in Nashville, we enjoy going to Cheekwood, Opryland Hotel, and the Cumberland in Clarksville. Be sure to dress warm if you'll be outside! I wore this super cute sweater from Tobi paired with my favorite white jeans and boots when my hubby and I went out to look at Christmas lights a week ago! Warm and stylish.

4. Bake Christmas Cookies -- This is a tradition in my house and I cannot wait until this Friday because that is when we are doing them! Not only do we bake cookies, but we also make our own homemade pizzas. It is really fun! We turn on some Christmas music and just laugh all night long.

5. GIVE BACK! -- Giving back will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside that is hard to explain. This past weekend, my friend Britne and I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a lot of stuff, assembled bags for the homeless, and then drove around and gave them out. It felt so good to do something for others in need.

6. Go Ice Skating -- This is something that I have not done in a LONG time, but I definitely want to! Nothing like ice skating during Christmas time! This would be fun for the entire family to enjoy this holiday season. All out of town guests are in, so get them out the house and go ice skating!
7. Have a Gift Wrapping Party -- This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, but I haven't made it happen yet! Now I am counting on you guys to do it and then tell me how it goes! Basically, you get together with your friends and/or family and you guys come together with different wrapping paper, ribbons, etc., and you wrap all of your gifts together! I think it would be super fun to do with your girlfriends while eating Christmas cookies and drinking a little wine (I'm always down for wine!). I can picture my friends and I in our Christmas pajamas rocking out to Christmas music while wrapping gifts. I'm already finished wrapping this year, so maybe next year I'll make it happen. Side note; how cute is this dress?! :) 
So there you have it loves! Christmas is 5 days away so you don't have A LOT of time left, but it is definitely plenty of time to knock out a big chunk of this list! What are some of your favorite holiday activities? I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. I love these holiday activities!


  2. We always love watching Christmas movies & making Christmas cookies!!

  3. Love the holidays and dont want it to be over!!!

    xo Sabrina

  4. Great suggestions! I'd like to go ice skating. I haven't been in years, and I'm sure it would be fun!

  5. LOVE the gift wrapping party idea, that's such an awesome way to get it out of the way with a little fun!

  6. so many fun activities! thanks for the tips!

  7. I love having gift wrapping parties! Such a fun time to hang with friends.

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  8. So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  9. I love watching Christmas movies and baking cookies... in fact, that's what I'm planning to do all Saturday!

  10. So many great ideas!! I've been watching alllll of the Christmas movies lately!

  11. These are all such great ideas and one of our favorites is to watch A Christmas Story!

  12. watching christmas movies is one of my favorite holiday traditions!

    Xo, Nina
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