October Plaids | Letting the Dead Things Go

Geez, I can't believe we are in October already! By now, most of the leaves are changing and our parks, back yards, and roadsides are SO beautiful! It's amazing how beautiful it can be to let the dead things go (one of my favorite fall quotes, but so true!). It is a true testament to how getting rid of dead weight in your life can be such a beautiful and fulfilling experience. The year of 2017 has been all about truly finding myself and what makes ME happy and letting go of dead weight had a lot to do with that. With less than three full months left in the year, I have to say that I've made great progress, but I'm not all the way there yet.. and I'm okay with that.

I'm still pretty sensitive, I still feel alone at times, I still get upset when I feel I may be left out of something, but you know what? I'm still super proud of the progress I've made! I no longer feel I have to hold on to old friendships and relationships just because it seems comfortable or right. I used to stay in friendships to avoid feeling alone.. even if truly, I was alone in the end. You see friendships and relationships cannot be one sided. If they are, you ultimately end up feeling alone anyway, especially when YOU are the one needing that person. Both parties have to put in huge effort for them to work and prosper.. especially once you're an adult.

I was having a conversation with one of my friends a few weeks ago about how once you're an adult, keeping up with friendships and important relationships is like a full-time job! You have to put the time in if you want to stay in touch with someone and sometimes that means answering the phone or the text messages when really all you may want to do is sleep. It means going out for drinks on a Friday night when you'd rather lay on the couch with a glass of wine because your boss worked you like a slave. It means sacrificing time alone for the ones you care about! One thing about me, I check on my friends often! I'm not big on phone calls and face times, but I'll randomly text my friends just to see how their doing because that is one way I like to let them know I love them and I'm here no matter what. Everyone has their method, you just have to find yours!

So ladies and gents, as we fall (no pun intended) deeper into this new season, think about the dead weight in your life that you need to let go, and water those relationships you want to see continue to grow. We all know the grass is always greener where you water it! :)

Shirt: J.Crew | Vest: Charlotte Rouse | Jeans: BlankNYC | Clutch: Viva La Jewels Boutique | Shoes: Aldo

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  1. Anonymous10/02/2017

    You're so right!! There's no need to waste our PRECIOUS time on things in life that aren't good for us or helping us grow! Also, love this outfit layering!

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  2. What pretty fall photos - love how you mixed patterns here!

  3. You just can't go wrong with plaid and leopard! Thanks for your openness, too. I feel like I always struggle with those things, as well. It's such a work in progress!!

  4. Such good thoughts girl. Can't believe we are nearing the end of 2017!!


  5. I would of never thought of combining plaids and leopard print but I totally LOVE IT!

  6. Such a great reminder lady! <3

  7. As I've gotten older I've realized that it's a waste of my time to hold onto relationships that don't do our soul any good! Love your post!

  8. love this chic and simple outfit!


  9. First of all I love this look and how you mixed plaid + leopard! Second, thank you so much for opening up about this. This was always a struggle for me along with setting boundaries in friendships.... life is all about learning and growing, sending you tons of love x

  10. Mixing plaid and leopard is one of my favorite print mixes!!


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