How to Make the Most of Your Weekends

Hey y'all! Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a great week and you're ready to recharge over the weekend. It's the first weekend of August and I'm super excited to have a little time off. Every weekend, I get super excited because for one, I get to go home and two, it's just about having some time to focus on doing things I love and not have to think about work. We have to have work/life balance in order to stay sane loves! I have a phone for my job and I literally leave it plugged in my house in the same spot the entire weekend. MY weekends are MY time. Anyone feel me? Besides, after this weekend, my job is about to ramp up on me and be super crazy busy for a little while, so I need to get all of the "R and R" I can get on the next few days!

Anyway, today I wanted to focus on some keys ways that you can make the most of your weekends.
As a lot of you know, over the last few months, I have only been home in Nashville over the weekends as my job has me working out of Illinois right now. Because of this, when I'm home, it is THAT much more important that I cherish the time and get stuff done that needs to be done! Marcus always fusses at me because when I come home I always have a laundry list (literally and figuratively) of things I want/need to do and because I've been away, I want to drag him with me! I be missing my man y'all! However, I do understand what he means and I've tried to do better, which is another reason I wanted to write a post about making the most of your weekends and being productive! Sometimes I have to just say you know what? I'm not doing anything this weekend but relaxing, and I've learned to be okay with that!

So let's get into it!

How to Make the Most of Your Weekends

Good sleep is very important, but let's be honest, we don't get enough during the week because we are running around at work, we have to eat, try to socialize, and sleep becomes really short. Catch up on some of that sleep over the weekend and SLEEP IN.

2. Realize You Can't Do It All
We ALL want to be super woman, but sis, we can't be super woman all the time. Don't overbook yourself and realize you can't be in every place at once. It's okay to tell someone no, you can't do dinner this time, or no, you can't make that event. Overbooking yourself can cause unnecessary stress and there should be no place for stress on the weekends! We get enough of that at work!

3. Schedule Time With Friends/Family You Haven't Seen
The weekend is the perfect time to catch up with friends and family. When we become adults, we get busy and we aren't able to talk to our friends and family every day or see them every week like we did back in the day. However, these relationships are super important so we can schedule some time on the weekend, we should do that!

4. Call Someone You Haven't Seen
If you can't make the above happen (remember you can't do it all), take a minute to call someone you haven't seen or talked to! You can do this while driving somewhere, while you're siting on the couch, or while you're shopping. It only takes a few minutes and it'll go a long way.
5. Eat a Bowl of Cereal
It's okay to be a kid! I love a good bowl of cereal and there's nothing like sleeping in, waking up and going to the kitchen to get some cereal, to sit on the couch and watch tv. NOTHING LIKE IT!

6.  Do Something That Will Put You Closer To Your Goals
So you have a goal you want to accomplish right? But you're always like "I don't have time" "Work has me swamped" (I'm talking about myself too). Well, use the weekend to do SOMETHING that'll get you closer to that dream! You have to make time for the things you really want to make time for.

7. Watch Your Favorite TV Show (extra points if you catch a marathon)
Y'all might think I'm lame, but this is literally one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. I just want to sit in front of the TV and watch a full marathon of shows.. all day long. I'm usually multi-tasking when I do this though, but the main point is to sit still long enough to laugh at your favorite shows.

8. Do Your Laundry
So some of you may do your laundry throughout the week, but because I'm not home during the week right now, the weekend is my laundry time. However, I actually like doing my laundry on the weekend because I get it done faster when I'm focusing on that. When I would do it during the week, I'd forget I put a load in and that's no good!
9. Do Some of Your Errands Alone
This one is mainly for me and I'm sure my husband appreciates it. If you're doing something that you know is something you probably just want to do, then do it alone. Everyone doesn't like the same stuff and that's okay! Just because I want to spend hours at Hobby Lobby browsing every single aisle doesn't mean my husband wants to.. or anyone else for that matter. It's okay to take some alone time.
10. Go To Bed Early On Sunday
This is a big one that I am still trying to get together myself. I look at it like this -- you had the entire weekend to get your life together right? So, you should be able to go to bed on Sunday's at a decent time so that on Monday morning, you aren't SUPER tired and dreading the day. You know probably the rest of the week will be super busy and you won't get a full night's rest, so why not get one to start the week off right? I'm trying to grasp this myself, so let's do better together.

What do you guys do on the weekends to ensure you're productive and get some rest at the same time? 

Shirt: Target | Jeans: BlankNYC | Boots: Not sure, really old. Similar here, here, and here! | Purse: Louis Vuitton | Necklace: Charming Charlie

Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend! xo


  1. I love this list and this outfit is so cute!!! Running errands alone is the best!!

  2. The cutest weekend look! And a big YES to calling someone you haven't seen! We recently moved across the country and phone calls are the best way to really stay in touch with friends and family!

  3. #2 on a normal daily basis ugh! Those are all great reminders xo, kristi

  4. Yes! I love all your suggestions and sleeping in is my favorite part of the weekend!

  5. My favorite part about Sundays is watching a Law & Order SVU marathon on USA haha! Great tips, lady!

    xo, Sara

  6. These are such great tips! Realizing we can't do it all is so key

  7. Super cute outfit and love your list! I'm all about eating granola and enjoying my morning cup of joe on the weekends.

    xo, Laura

  8. Great tips! I live for the weekend!!

  9. this sounds like a great weekend to me! I love these jeans btw!



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