Blues and Bows

Hey y'all! Happy Hump Day! :)

I hope you all have had a great week thus far and you're making it over the hump with ease! I'm a little in my feelings because I feel like all I've been doing lately is working. It has been really hard on me being away from my family and friends and only being home like two or three days at a time. Not only is it exhausting, but it's weighing a lot on me emotionally as well. I enjoy my job and what I do, but all of this back and forth traveling is weighing heavy. Anyway, enough of my "blues", let's talk about these blues I'm wearing!

How cute is this bow back top from Lulu's?! When I saw it, I knew I just HAD to have it, but I was concerned with the bow not being as picture perfect as it is on the website (y'all know how that goes!). Of course, the first time I tried it on and tried to tie the perfect bow.... epic fail! It was so droopy! I was thinking, how did they do this?! You can't keep it tied because having it untied makes it loose enough for you to be able to take it on and off. So, I needed a quick solution that wasn't permanent. Then, the light bulb went off!

What I did was iron both ends of the top that tie into the bow, then I put the shirt on BACKWARDS. Kind of like a bra, ladies y'all know what I'm talking about. Then, I stood in the mirror and tied the perfect bow making sure to take extra time to make it to my liking. Once I had the bow I desired, I took some double-sided tape and stuck it to the back of each side of the bow, and WALLAH! It magically stayed in place for the duration of the time I was wearing the shirt and I was very pleased with my DIY skills! :)

So ladies, anytime you buy that "bow back top", remember this hack because I'm sure it'll work for you too! Y'all remember this post? I wish I had came up with this hack back then because when we were trying to get pictures, my bow would NOT cooperate at all! However, the next time I pull out that adorable top, I'll be ready and it'll be perfect!

Top: Lulu's | Jeans: Fashion Nova | Shoes: Lulu's

Thanks so much for reading! xo


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