25 - The Year of Letting Go

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Today, I wanted to talk a little about my 25th year of life and how I truly feel like I've done so much growing this past year. I'm not sure if this is something everyone does, but when my birthday is approaching, I like to reflect and think about who I was before I turned the age I am, and who I am now right before I turn a new chapter/new age. After truly thinking about my year and how far I've come, I have named this past year "the year of letting go".

As I approach my 26th year of life, I have been thinking a lot about things that hold me back in life. Things I never realized held me back before.. maybe because I was in denial, maybe because I hadn't reached the emotional maturity needed to acknowledge these things. However, the truth is, I have been holding myself back from more... more love, more friendships, more opportunities... simply because I just don't know how to let go. When I love someone (friend, family, etc.), I really love that person and if I mess with you, I truly mess with you. If you are someone I call a friend or family, there's nothing I won't do for you... that is until you cross me. This is where the problem would usually come in for me.

I really didn't know how to let go and this was something I worked on all year. Being transparent, my feelings would get hurt a lot, I'd hold grudges, I'd compare the way someone treated one person in relation to how they treated me and it literally made me crazy. My husband would always say "you need to let that go. It's not worth you being upset, etc.", but that was easier said than done for me y'all. I would just be so disappointed in other people's actions. I prayed and I prayed and I prayed some more about it and God helped me to realize that I cannot control other people's actions. I can only control the things that I do or say and if I am satisfied with myself at the end of the day, who else matters?

Once I started to let go of certain situations and people and circumstances, I started to feel SO much better and y'all, I am truly the happiest I have been in a long time. I learned that it's okay to say no. It's okay to not offer an explanation for not wanting to do something. It's okay to grow apart from friends. IT'S OKAY! As you grow and evolve, things and people change and embracing that change will help you to continue to be the best you can be.

My happiness at this stage of my life is represented in this yellow dress. Yellow is my favorite color because it's a happy and free color. The colorful pom poms represent for me myself living life on the edge now and not apologizing for my choices. I am happy and free and so blessed to be approaching a new year of life!

Dress: ASOS | Sandals: JustFab (old) | Watch: Movado

Thank you so much for reading! xo


  1. That color on you is gorgeous! Orange looks so good on darker skin tones.

    Yassss girl! Let people and situations go so you can be happier

    -xo, Makaela

    1. Thank you Makaela! :) Yes, I had to let go so I could be the happiest me I can be!


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