Soo.. I Took A Personality Test

So a few days ago, I read an article online about someone taking a personality test and I immediately became interested to see if by taking one, it would really be able to pinpoint me and my different characteristics. I didn't think it would be worth it, but I was bored and it was raining so I decided to go for it.I had heard a lot about personality tests, but never tried it for myself. I think self-reflection is important always and what better way to self reflect than to see details of  your personality right in front of you. Side note: this post is kind of long, so I'm sorry about that in advance, but it's good information, promise!

The website where I took my test was called 16 Personalities. There is really no particular reason why I chose that site. I literally googled "personality test" and it just so happened to be the one I clicked! If you're interested in taking one for yourself, you can access that site here. Now, I thought it would be fun to share some of my results with you guys, but don't judge me. Some of this stuff is like HARD constructive criticism. It asks A LOT of questions before you get results, so I was getting annoyed with it quickly, but I finished. The results started out by telling me that I am a Protagonist, which the only definition I know for that is a leading character in a movie, play or film, so I assumed they were saying that I am a leader, which I can't argue with, but then I thought, Jamaria, reading is fundamental, so that's when I started taking it seriously and decided to read my results completely. As I scrolled down, I noticed that they separated my personality into five different groupings.

The different groupings and my opinion on each section were as follows:

MIND: 80% Extroverted, 20% Introverted
Extroverted individuals prefer group activities and social interaction. They tend to be more enthusiastic and more easily excited than introverts.
I agree with this to a certain extent. I consider myself to be an extroverted introvert. There is no in-between with me. I either want to be around a lot of people or I want to sit on the couch by myself. I would have said I was 50% extrovert and 50% introvert, but whatever. Maybe they know something I haven't internalized within myself yet, haha. Now I will say that the SMALLEST thing will excite me! I get so excited and overly happy over some things sometimes and my friends are just like "what's the big deal?" haha, so I guess in a way, this may be true.

ENERGY: 54% Intuitive, 46% Observant
Intuitive individuals are very imaginative, open-minded and curious. They prefer novelty over stability and focus on hidden meanings and future possibilities.
 Now this I can agree with! I am a super optimistic person with the biggest imagination. I always try to see the good in everything and everyone, but it can sometimes come back and bite me in the butt! I do believe that I need to work on being more observant, but I also see nothing wrong with being intuitive!

NATURE: 22% Thinking, 78% Feeling
Feeling individuals are sensitive and emotionally expressive. They are more empathetic and less competitive than thinking types, and focus on social harmony and cooperation.
I don't think I'm all that sensitive, but maybe I am. I'm definitely not super competitive and I always want everyone to get along and have "social harmony", so I'll let them have this one!

TACTICS: 75% Judging, 25% Prospecting
Judging individuals are decisive, thorough and highly organized. They value clarity, predictability and closure, preferring structure and planning to spontaneity.
This is a hard one for me because I'd like to say  that I am a spontaneous person, but I guess when I really think about it, I am not. I am most definitely a thorough planner through and through and I get frustrated when things are an unorganized mess. I like to plan the details of my day even if that planning involves binge watching shows on Netflix! All of my family and friends know I am most definitely a planner and I love to plan things out to the last detail, but sometimes I just want to do things spare of the moment too!

IDENTITY: 62% Assertive, 38% Turbulent
Assertive individuals are self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. They refuse to worry too much and do not push themselves too hard when it comes to achieving goals.
YES. Just yes. I really do not get stressed out super easily and I try not to put a lot of pressure on myself. Every now and then, something might stress me out, but it had to have been HUGE. I have always had the attitude that I do my best at all times, so if I cannot get something completed, then I just can't. There is no need to stress over something I cannot control.


The results go on and on through about eight pages of information. First of all, I started getting really excited because it told me that Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey along with many others are also Protagonists. It made me feel like I was living among the greats, haha! I started thinking like wow, this personality test stuff may just be legit. What I didn't know was that I was just scratching the surface on all the information it was going to give me. Now, it was time to go even deeper. You guys, when I tell you that I was shocked! It was almost as if this test knew my whole life. I won't go into major details of each section because they were long, but I will point out some key things I learned about myself along the way and if you decide to take a test for yourself, shoot me a message and we can discuss further.

My Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths: tolerant, reliable, charismatic, altruistic, natural leader

Weaknesses: overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, fluctuating self-esteem, struggles to make tough decisions

Let's talk about these for a second. Have you ever had one of those moments where someone told you off, and all you could do is stand there and look blankly because you knew everything they said was accurate? Well, that is how I felt after reading what this personality test labeled as my weaknesses. All I could do was just read the results and the explanations of each (I didn't include the explanations guys, sorry) over and over again because they were absolutely right. I didn't realize that I had fluctuating self-esteem, but after reading the explanation, I realized that I 100% do, without a doubt. I sometimes tend to lose my confidence when I feel that I have failed at something I really wanted to accomplish, whether that is helping a friend in need, trying to bring family together, etc. I also really struggle with making tough decisions sometimes. I don't ever like being the bad guy, and I always think about possible consequences in everything I do, so it is a struggle, but I've been working through that and getting a lot better. I'll share more on that with you guys in a later post.

As for my strengths, these weren't things that were huge shockers to me, but it felt good to have them reassured. I know that I am a leader, it's in my blood and I am definitely reliable. My friends and family know that they can count on me to be there for them if no one else is. If I love you, I promise I got you always. Although I agree a lot with what this test had to say, I do believe that strengths and weaknesses can flip-flop at times. Strengths can become weaknesses and weaknesses become strengths at any given moment depending on the situation you're dealt. What if I'm too reliable and I start getting taken advantage of? It has happened. Or what if my selflessness truly helps someone in need and I change their life? You have to take the good with the bad because it makes you who you are.


So, those were the key things I took away from this test and I REALLY hope you guys will go take one too! It is so cool to read about yourself and things you may or may not be aware of yet because we are all growing and evolving. I'm really glad I went ahead and took one, they made a believer out of me for sure! I had my husband do one for himself and he couldn't believe how spot on his was (they labeled him as a campaigner *wink* y'all know him lol). Even with the two of us being labeled two different personality types, within the groupings, we had really similar characteristics in a lot of those places, but we also had differences which made it more interesting! So go take the test and learn somethings about your personality and then make your friends and family do it so you can compare what you find out. I think you will be glad you did! :)

Thank you for reading! xo 

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