What Makes You Proud to be Black?

Seeing that this is the last Friday of February (time flies right?!), in this edition of 'Friday Favorites' I decided to reach out to some, in my opinion, pretty dope individuals and ask them a simple question;
What makes you proud to be black?

I believe that the love of our black culture and black history should be celebrated every single day, and although that doesn't really happen in the world we are living in today, I know that my generation of kings and queens see the importance of celebrating US on a regular basis, and I do think it will start to get better. I am SO proud to be a black woman. I love every inch of my silky brown skin from the top of nappy roots to the bottom of my feet, so why should my love of me and my black brothers and sisters be contained to the shortest month of the year? You're right. It shouldn't.

 In a way, I feel that I do celebrate blackness in my every day life, but I also know that I have a ways to go as far as spreading my knowledge to others. SO, with that being said, I'm starting right now. I'm starting by sharing these amazing black and beautiful kings and queens with you. They are all so different, yet they are also the same. They are some of the most talented and creative souls I am blessed to know. Enjoy! xo

Malaka Watson - Founder and Author of Scales of Style 
"Ayo, I remember Marvin Gaye use to sing to me. He had me feeling like black was the thing to be." Tupac Shakur.
This quote kind of sums up my childhood. Although I grew up listening to Tupac, my parents, who are from the Marvin Gaye era, instilled self confidence and self love in me at a very early age. So I've always been proud to be black. My mother made me watch the entire Eyes on the Prize series as a kid, and I've continued to carry those memories with me through my adulthood. I'm always advocating for someone's rights either formally or informally (whether it's planting seeds when needed or speaking out against injustice).

 Zaria Brown - Founder and Author of A Dose of Fab
I'm proud to be black because I belong to a beautiful culture where my people have continuously made strides in the face of adversity. Especially black women, we have come to value ourselves and love ourselves so much, and I love it. Though race relations in our country are broken, being black in this moment, at this time, is lit and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Kierra Warren - Founder and Author of Yes! Study Abroad
I think what makes me most proud is our culture. It's so unique, yet no matter what part of the country you go to there's a similar experience of how we grew up, how we were raised. The perfect example of that is how we can connect via #blacktwitter and it feels like we're just at a big family reunion cracking jokes.

Emmanuel LeGrair - Founder and Author of The Better MANual
I am deeply inspired when I read, hear about, or learn of anyone that has had to endure great trauma or distress for the cause of Equal Rights. Some stories that come to mind are the Little Rock Nine, or Brown vs. The Board of Education. But, my favorite moment in Black History is the Presidency of Barack H. Obama. I say this because it symbolized hope in its purest form - and it was something that I was able to experience in my own lifetime.

India Newsome - Founder and Author of India Marie
I would say the moment that made me the proudest to be black was having someone who looks like my family and I in the White House. What was always thought of as impossible, became possible. The Obama's gave us hope. I think that Michelle Obama inspired me more than anything. She was confident, fierce, bold, a true lady, and that is everything that I've ever aspired to be. A black woman in America proving many people wrong and leading by example makes me proud to be a black woman in America, and gives me hope that I can also do the impossible.

Steve Harris - Co-Founder of Halseyy Parkk
I am most proud of my BLACK culture. It is the culture that shapes the world. Think about it, what would America be if it loved black people as much as it loved our culture?

Karla Burnett - Founder and Author of Nashville Social Butterfly
I'm proud to be black because black symbolizes resilience, versatility, and strength. At Nashvillesocialbutterfly.com, we seek to own the narrative of the positive black culture year round. Highlighting brands with contributions in art, science, and community development, I hope to display why I love everything about being black. One of my favorite quotes that I use to motivate me is by the late poetess Maya Angelou and her poem 'Still I Rise'.
"You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I'll rise."

Mariah Cole - Founder and Author of Out of My Mouth
I love being black and celebrating Black History Month because it's the time when we're intentional about teaching ourselves and others about the contributions of black people in the world. I remember when I learned that I was the 4th Mariah in my family and I was amazed at the thought that there were 3 other Mariah's who came before me in my family who had completely different experiences than me. I wanted to know the history there. I want to know the history of us all!

Aren't these people so beautiful? I seriously love each and every one of their quotes and I will remember them always. It is always so refreshing to read about someone else and their thoughts, and feel like you're connected. What makes YOU proud to be black? As for me, all of the hardships my ancestors went through, all of the barriers and blocks in the road they had to fight through, all of the HATE we receive, but we still manage to love... all of the strength we possess inside from the moment we are born, THAT is what makes me proud to be black.

Thank you for reading! xo


  1. Anonymous2/24/2017

    Loved all of this!!

  2. This is such a great post! I really enjoyed reading everyone's quotes. Thanks so much for including me!

    1. Thank you so much for participating love! xo

  3. Manny LeGrair2/26/2017

    Love it! Thanks for the feature!

    1. Anytime! Thank you for participating! :)

  4. This is so nice. Thank you so much for sharing these happy moments.


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