Valentine's Day | What Do Men Really Want?

Happy Hump Day Love Birds!

Today, I wanted to talk about the Valentine's Day gifts guys really want. Sometimes it can be really hard to find gifts for guys because it seems as though all the gifts for this holiday are tailored toward women, and let's be honest, guys deserve to be shown love on this day too. I was having a conversation with my husband about this because I wanted him to put together a list for you guys since, you know, he's a man! Well, during the duration of our conversation based off of the responses he was giving me, I decided that I am trying something completely different here on TJE today... I'm letting my husband take over! That's right guys, today's post is ALL him, so I apologize in advance for his craziness, haha!

Remember ladies and gents, the post below is ALL him so be prepared for anything. I thought.. who better than to school us on what to get men than a man himself?!

Well, allow me to introduce to you, my husband... Marcus J.

What do guys really want?

Ladies, its really quite simple and I'm going to get straight to the point of what we want on this day.  You really don’t have to go out and spend a whole bunch of money on us because we have that covered. We are going to take you out, wine you, dine you... and ladies, at the end of the night we are only expecting one thing in return for our deep, well-thought out planning and preparation. I promise you all, it doesn’t take much to please us because men are very simple beings and most of us pride ourselves on being able to provide and protect.

SO with that being said it’s very simple, at the end of the night, give us the GOODS! (Jam interjection: if any of you know my husband, and you're reading this in his voice, I'm sure you laughed.. I know I did HAHA! Okay.. carry on.) Ladies, don’t have us out here pulling out all of the stops and spending all this hard earned cash, planning all of this stuff just for the end of the night to come and you to tell us you're too tired or it's been a long night for you. Seriously, if you’re looking for a quick way to not have us as your Valentine next year, take that approach and I can guarantee that you will be sitting at home, eating ice cream with your best friend talking about how there are no good men in the world lol.

Now, I'm not judging. If you’ve decided that you're waiting for marriage, (hopefully you had that established way before this night because if it just came out of nowhere, you're probably not getting called back after this.. honestly, truly), but if this was established beforehand, then I totally understand if you disagree with this. If you and your man had an agreement together before Valentine's Day that you both agreed to wait, then I guess I can share a few other examples of what you could do for him instead. Now, for all you other ladies that’s just trying to get a free meal, and a few gifts to post on Instagram, this isn't for you lol.. we like to feel loved too!

1. Cook him his favorite meal; the following day or that weekend.
2. Just do some things he enjoys without complaining.
3. Get him some of his favorite team gear (Titans ALL DAY)
4. Let him watch the All Star Game Festivities in peace.
 (Jam Again: this is funny haha, I like the All Star game stuff sooo... no problem! Peace all around!) 
5. Get him a nice watch.
6. Offer to pick up the check
(Chances are he won't let you, unless he doesn't plan on sticking around, but you should offer anyway)
7. Gift Cards
8. A Nice Wallet
9. Shoes
10. Nice Sunglasses

Now this list of items are all really nice and I'm sure any man would be grateful, but ladies, again let's be clear... you and I both know what he really wants. So do us all a favor and give the man what he wants and I PROMISE YOUR DAY WILL GO MUCH BETTER! The last thing you want is a frustrated man after he has given you the world, and you hit him with the 'I’m too tired' line. Taking my advice will lead to a more peaceful world for you, I promise! 

Until next time,
 Blogger Husband, OUT! 

PHEW! Well alright ladies, you heard him... LOUD and CLEAR! HAHA! Here I was just asking for a simple list of possible Valentine's Day Gifts, and he gives me much more than I bargained for and it was actually quite funny. Y'all let me know if you want to see more of Marcus J on TJE!

Thanks for reading! xo 


  1. Anonymous2/08/2017

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am DYING! Puh-LEASE let him back on the blog! Definitely one of my favorites! He's hilarious! Thanks, dude!!

    1. I will definitely try getting him to write again, haha! Thanks for reading! xo

  2. My Boy Marcus J!!!! Tell the truth!!! #KnowBettaDoBetta

  3. Hahahahahahaha! Keep it coming!!!

    1. He must have missed his calling, huh? lol I will be bringing him back!

  4. Ri'charda2/09/2017

    This was hilarious, and I totally read it in his voice. He did have some suggestions that I've never thought of before. Thanks, Marcus!

    1. Lol I'm glad you found his tips helpful. He's a crazy one, but I must admit he made valid points lol thanks for reading love! xo

  5. Marcus is genius! He just gave women so many keys 🔑.

  6. Give up them goods!!!!!!������������

  7. Thank you Bloggers Husband! We go through this every Valentines Day and Christmas. Most gifts for our men are advertisers saying to get tools. My husband will look at me and say don't you wrap no tools up for me. 🤣 It good to hear a brothers point of view!!


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