Friday Favorite | Happy Birthday To My Husband

Today is the second most important day of the year (after my birthday and right before Christmas, hehe). Today is the day my amazing husband/favorite person was born. I seriously do not know where I would be today if I had not met this amazingly handsome man almost 12 years ago, and if he had not asked me to be his girlfriend 5 years later. He has changed my life for the better. He motivates me constantly, he challenges me and pushes me far beyond I thought I could ever go, and he spoils me like crazy.
Here's a few more reasons why he's so amazing to me:
1. He married me. I mean, he can't get more awesome than that right?! :-)

2. He still wins me teddy bears at the fair as if we were young.

3. He wears ugly sweaters with me during Christmas time and just puts up with all of my over the top jolliness period!

4. He's so gentle and caring, and I know he will be a wonderful dad to our children someday. (I'm not pregnant, but how sweet is my precious Emmy Liz in this photo?! Time flies!)

5. He's the best saxophonist I know! Seriously, if you haven't heard him, you can check out his album, "Passion Speaks Louder" here or on Amazon or Spotify! If you like jazz, you'll love him. :-)
 6. He's my awesome 'hubbographer' and he doesn't always give me a hard time when I need photos taken when he's trying to watch football.

There are so many other things about him that make him the best husband ever, but we will be here all day and I'm sure you guys get the point. I thank God daily for sending this man into my life. He is a true blessing!
So, here's to you hubby! Happy Happy Birthday. I love you and I am wishing you many, many, MANY more years.

Thanks for reading! xo

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