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I'm super excited because today I am partnering with LivingTN to talk about how I'm living in Tennessee and mainly in my city, NASHVILLE! I will be touching on how much I love being born & raised in this beautiful city. So let's get right on to it y'all!

So as previously mentioned, I was born & raised in the great city of Nashville, TN. I was born at Baptist Hospital, which is now called St. Thomas, and FUN FACT: I actually have a star on the wall there with my name on it from when I was born! So, if you have a child at St. Thomas, make sure to look for my star in the hallway. I think it's green. :)

I grew up with pretty much my whole maternal side of the family and I loved it. They all live in different parts of Nashville, but I grew up in North Nashville. Because my entire family pretty much lived in Nashville my entire childhood, I grew up extremely close to everyone. One of my most favorite things to do as a kid was hang out with my family either at home while we grill BBQ, or out and about at either Centennial Park, the many different malls we have, or an old Nashville staple called Opryland. SO MANY MEMORIES! My cousins and I also hung out in Green Hills at a place called Fun Scape. Gosh, I have such fond memories there I wish it still existed! Think of Chuckie Cheese, but for older kids.

When it was time to go to college, I knew I wanted to go away to get that experience, but I also knew I didn't want to go too far because I would miss my family too much. I ultimately decided to attended The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Big Orange Country (GO VOLS!), but after my four years of college, I decided to branch out and move to Houston, TX. Don't get me wrong, Houston was great, but I was just missing my little Nashville so much, and my husband wasn't the biggest Houston fan, so we packed up and moved on back to Nashville after only one year in Houston.

It's crazy because I didn't think it was possible to love Nashville any more than I already did, but I feel like once when I moved away and then came back, the city grew SO MUCH in that short amount of time I was gone! I mean seriously, I almost felt like I needed to be a tourist in my own home town to make sure I knew where all the hot spots were!

Anyway, some of my favorite things to do in the Nashville area include EATING! Seriously, I eat all the time and so it's only right that I start with brunch. I like to go to brunch in The Gulch and other Nashville areas. My favorite brunch spots are Saint Anejo and Hot Chicks and let me tell you, they BOTH have bomb hot chicken and waffles! I also love to eat at Bricktops on West End, Whiskey Kitchen in the Gulch, and The Pharmacy in South Nashville! I could go on and on about the places I love to eat, but I'm getting really hungry so let's move on!

Other than eating, as many of you already know, I love SHOPPING and let me tell you, Nashville has some amazing boutiques and hidden gems. I currently live in Hendersonville, TN, which is about 20 minutes outside of Nashville, so I frequently shop at Loxley Boutique in Hendersonville. They have super cute stuff! I also like to shop at Blush Boutique in The Gulch, Lizard Thicket (there's a few of these in the Nashville area), UAL on West End, and many more! I generally like to shop wherever I can find a good deal, so my options are limitless.

So in addition to all of the amazing food Nashville has to offer, there's so much beautiful murals and art work popping up everywhere, which I believe puts us on the map for great tourist spots. People from all over are coming to Nashville and leaving their mark in a major way. It's so cool because a lot of them leave a way to connect through social media as well, so you can see what type of impact has been made later. I love them and I take a picture in front of one whenever I can!

Well, I really could talk about my love of Nashville all day long, but I think I should probably stop now. There's so much love, history, and memories jam packed into my 25 years of life in this amazing city. Nashville runs through my veins and I don't know what they next few years will have in store for me, but I promise you it'll be so hard to leave this place if that opportunity ever presents itself again. You can read more about Nashville and how I'm #LivingTN here, here, and here and there's Nashville love running all around on my Instagram page @throughjamseyes.

Tell me about your city! There's so many places I still have never visited, but I want to, so I'm interested to know about your favorite spots in your own city. Tell me how YOU'RE living in the comments below. :)

Thanks so much for reading! xo

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