Cutouts, Cornrows, & Codes

Hey beauties! It is HUMP DAY! :)

I'm super excited about today's style post because I LOVEEEE this dress! I never thought that tie-dye would be my thing, but I have bought a couple tie-dyed pieces here lately and I am loving it! Not to mention, it has cute cutouts in the front which had a little extra pizazz. It is literally one of the most comfortable dresses I own, which as of late, I have bought a lot of super cute, yet comfortable clothing. From where you ask? Well, Loxley Boutique in Hendersonville of course!

Loxley has become of my favorite places to shop for a couple of different reasons. Number one, because they have super cute clothes of course and not only are they cute and on trend, but a lot of the pieces are SO SOFT and SO COMFORTABLE that I could just live in them forever. I found my new favorite brand of jeans at Loxley (which we will discuss in detail in another post, coming soon), and this dress has also become a favorite!

Another reason why I love shopping at Loxley is because I always feel welcomed and I have fun while I am shopping. Vivian and the other girls who work in her store will shop around with you, offer advice and a couple "that looks amazing on you" type compliments, which all us girls LOVE to hear when we shop, and another plus, the music is always great. :)

If you're ever in Hendersonville, TN, please make sure you visit Loxley Boutique. You can find details on their address and hours here and see how some of their key items are styled. ALSO, if you tell them I sent you or use this code 'TJE10', you will receive 10% off of your purchase! How sweet is that?! Pretty sweet I'd say!

Thank you for reading! xo

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