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 Tie Front Cutout Romper (this is ON SALE guys!)

Hey everyone! Happy HUMP DAY!

I am SO freaking excited today because TOMORROW is my BIRTHDAY! AH! I seriously can't believe it is finally here. If you really know me, you'll know all holidays (yes, my birthday is a holiday) are super special to me and I make a HUGE deal out of them. It took me awhile this year to get in the spirit of "Jay Day", but once I got in it, I was in it for good!

This year has been extra special already because of my "Random Acts Of Kindness" challenge I've been doing all week and I am so overjoyed with all of you that are participating with me, so THANK YOU! I seriously hope your selflessness and acts of kindness are warming your heart and making you as happy as it is making me. I really want this to be an ongoing thing! I don't want it to end once my birthday week is over, but I want it to continue on and be something we incorporate into our every day lives. A little kindness goes a long way. Doing things for other people just makes me so happy!

Speaking of happiness, doesn't this romper make you feel happy?! I mean as soon as I saw it, I KNEW I had to have it in my closet! First of all, the flowers are yellow. Y'all know I LOVE me some yellow. Secondly, it is just too cute for words with the little cutout in the front and ruffles at the top! Ah! I just love it. Nordstrom has it on sale right now, so if you love it like me, GET IT before it is GONE! Okay? Okay! :)

Thanks for reading guys! XOXO

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