4th of July Inspiration w/ A'GACI


Today, I thought I would share some 4th of July inspiration with you guys! I am so in love with this whole outfit from A'GACI Store and it would be perfect for the 4th! It is comfortable, breezy, and it is blue and white. I added a red lip to have all of the colors because I am extra like that haha.

The only rule I think there is for the 4th of July is to make sure to wear at LEAST one of the three colors: red, white or blue. Then, if you're extra like me, you can wear all three! I think you should of course be cute, but you should also be comfortable. A lot of times, you're spending the 4th of July outside at a barbeque or a family reunion or the pool! So you want to make sure that whatever you wear is functional for the outdoors.

I have added some of my favorite red, white and blue looks at the moment below for your shopping enjoyment! :) 

Thanks for reading guys! XOXO

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