Friday Facts & Favorites

WOOHOO! It's Friday once again! I swear it always seems as if the weekend is so far away and then when it finally comes, it goes by so fast! I guess because we try to cram so much into two days and then we blink and it's Sunday night! What's up with that people? Let's try to make the most of this weekend, shall we?

Here are my Friday Facts!
1. When I pack my clothes for a trip, it's super tedious. I have to try pretty much everything on with shoes and accessories just to make sure that when I get to my destination I won't be mad that I left something I needed at home. It helps me not to over pack (as much) too!
2. I want to color my hair purple, but I have no idea how that would actually look nor do I think it is appropriate for my job!
3. I'm terrified of watching the news because this world is so scary to me and it seems as if all that's on the news is bad information. I avoid it at all costs.
4. I sing really loud when I'm in the car by myself and I am a HORRIBLE singer.
5. I could watch Disney movies every day for the rest of my life and I would be so happy. Give me nostalgia over real life any day! :)

Alright guys, now for my Friday Favorites!

Nasty Gal is about to get SO MUCH of my money! I am loving these dresses! What do y'all think?

Thanks for reading! XOXO

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