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SO Kate

Hey ya'll! HAPPY OCTOBER! :)

On this edition of 'Buy or Bye', I want to talk a little bit about these beauties! Oh how I love these beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes! I don't know if it's my love for red and these beautiful red bottoms they have, or the elegant look they have, or just how dang cute my feet look in them! My wedding shoes were Christian Louboutin and when I tell you I danced the night away with no discomfort! I love these shoes!

I told myself that my next pair would be 'So Kate' in either black or nude and I am strongly considering it. However, I have heard pros and cons of this style. I know the heel is extremely high and narrow, but isn't that what makes them so elegant? The only thing I had to get used to with this brand shoe is the "shoe cleavage". It makes it look like the shoes are too small, but that's the way they fit with your toes showing at the top. These do run a little smaller, so if you're wanting some, definitely up-size! Also, different styles run differently in size too so just because you might be one size in these doesn't mean it'll be the same in the 'd'Orsays' or 'pigalle follies' or another one.

So tell me guys, BUY or BYE?!

Oh P.S., my husband let me know yesterday I've been slipping on my blogging and so I am going to be working hard to get back in the groove! Working a full-time crazy hours job and keeping up with this blog can be super time consuming, but I can honestly say I LOVE this blog more than anything, so I will do whatever it takes to stay current.

Thanks so much for reading! XOXO

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