Wednesday Wish | BUY or BYE?!

I absolutely LOVE this Tory Burch bag! It is the perfect Fall transitional color and really, I could probably carry it during all four seasons. The only part I'm not super fond of is the fact that there isn't a zipper at the top. I really worry about all my stuff falling out. However, my new Rebecca Minkoff doesn't have a zipper either and even though I thought it would be a problem, I really haven't had any issues with it!

I don't know what it is about totes right now, but that has been all I've been interested in. You can fit so much in a tote! They are cute and versatile! Gosh, I have a serious purse problem! I want to buy this bag, but because Christmas is SO CLOSE (86 days away!), I am trying to refrain from making impulse buys for myself. I try to save my money so I can buy great Christmas gifts for my friends and loved ones! After all, that is my favorite holiday! :)

What do you guys think; Should I wait, or go ahead and buy?!

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