Patriotic Fashion Inspiration

Patriotic Fashion Inspiration 

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I LOVE dressing the part for holidays! Seriously. It doesn't matter what holiday it is! If I celebrate it, then I'll be wearing the outfits and colors that go along with it. When it comes down to picking an outfit for the 4th of July, I always like to go with either a hint of patriotic spirit (like the heels pictured above or the shorts), or just something red, white and/or blue. Sometimes, a little effort goes a long way when trying to accessorize or plan a holiday outfit, so be careful when picking your key peices so it doesn't look too matchy.

Your outfit also depends on where you are spending your 4th of July.  Some of you may be spending it at the pool, the lake, or even the beach, so obviously you wouldn't wear most of the items above. You would probably wear a bathing suit. However, if you're just planning on sitting outside at a barbeque or at a park, going to see the fireworks in your city, or something like that then these outfits I selected may work out for you! Oh, I've never worn heels on the 4th by the way. Only because the things I end up doing don't call for heels. I would look silly! I just thought they were cute so I added them to this  board. :)

I think the most important thing is to make sure you are comfortable and that you do wear some sort of red, white, or blue on this day. Even if you just pick one of the colors and not wear all three, but in someway wear red white or blue! This year, I decided to be patriotic the entire week leading up to the 4th and wear something red, white, and/or blue to work each day. You should try it too! It just might make you feel a little bit more ready for the holiday, don't you think? Anyway, have fun with whatever you wear! Eat some barbeque, relax with friends and family, blow up some fireworks, it's your world!

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