Hidden Lace + Dinner With Friends

Romper: Lulu's (sold out!), Pearl Necklace: A gift from my hubby!, Double-Sided Pearl Studs: Etsy

I love having off days from work. It gives me an excuse to sleep-in, go shopping, play unnecessary games on my phone, catch up with my favorite old shows on Netflix, and sometimes, even have dinner with friends! So happy this past week I was able to catch up with some of my favorite girls at a local Nashville spot called "Mad Donna's". They have Happy Hour ALL DAY, EVERYDAY and they really have great food also. Although the waiter warned me about their hot chicken. I love spicy foods, but he warned me to stick with the mild and I'm glad I listened because it was really hot, but still extremely tasty!

 Sometimes just stepping away from every day life and laughing and catching up with great friends does the soul good. As you continue to get older, you find it harder and harder to make time for the people you care about most. Especially when you or your friends start getting married, having kids, deep off into careers, or even still in school. It becomes easier to just stay in your own separate lives and check up on each other through text or phone calls. Sometimes though, some girl time is really needed without you even know you needed it. Being able to connect with those nearest and dearest to you and just laugh genuinely; it's just super refreshing. My girlfriends always give me that extra pick me up when I didn't even know I needed one. We all agreed that we should make that an annual thing, so I'm looking forward to seeing them again soon!

I am SO IN LOVE with this romper! It is so feminine and elegant. I love how there is lace hidden underneath the top part and then on the back in the middle. It's just enough lace to be girly, but still super casual. Of course I had to bring out my favorite gladiator sandals and my pearls. I'm so sad, these pictures were the last I got before my pearl necklace broke into pieces. :( I hope to get another one soon. Anyway really quick, let me tell you guys about these double-sided pearl earrings! I LOVE them! I saw some in a magazine and they were extremely expensive. Definitely way more than I can pay for earrings or anything else right now! I thought to myself, "Let me Google these", and I found the perfect dupe on Esty and they shipped so fast! I can't wait until her shop is up again so I can order other colors. :)

I wouldn't be me if I didn't act a little silly! SELFIE STICK! :)

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