4 Ways I Am Choosing to Be Healthier in 2021


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Well, here we are 2021. New year, higher goals.

 Although I am very excited to be in a new year and I am happy to see all of the craziness of 2020 behind us, I did thoroughly enjoy a lot of moments in 2020. Every year, I set a list of goals and 2020 really did not want me to be great, but guess what? I accomplished majority of my goals anyway! EAT THAT 2020! Now I am at the beginning of a brand new year ready to set some new, higher goals and see where this year decides to take me.

I have my long list of goals per usual, but one goal that is always on the list and yet always seems to slip through the cracks every year for me is being an overall healthier adult. You guys, I admit.. I am a junk food crazed individual and I really don't think that will ever change for me, but as I get older, my body jsut can't handle the large amounts of it like I used to. I truly need to learn self control, cut the things that my body really hates completely out (those Flamin Hot chips? Wow.. sorry stomach), and just DO BETTER. So because of this, I decided to set a sub goal within my goal of being more healthy and create actionable items that I will choose to do in order to lead a much healthier life going forward.



I made a list of 4 ways I am CHOOSING to be healthier in 2021. The word CHOOSING is very important because as you get older, you realize that every single thing you consciously do is a choice. Every time I have binged an entire box of cookies in one sitting was a choice. Every time I chose to sit on the couch all day instead of finding time to exercise was a choice. So now, I have to be responsible and choose to do the right things and make my body healthier for my own well being. I do not want to look up and develop chronic conditions because of the poor decisions I've been making so the change comes now! On the flip, I also don't want to cut the things I love the most (like delicious pizza!) out of my diet for good! I will choose to do better so that when I do indulge in my guilty pleasures, it will be well deserved and I will not be over doing it. I hope by sharing my list with you, it'll motivate you to look at things in your life that you are choosing every day and ask yourself if if it is for your benefit or detriment? Let's get into this friends!


4 Ways I Am Choosing to Be Healthier in 2021

I am Choosing to Workout at least 3x a Week

This is on my goal list every single year and I start strong and end up finding an excuse and quitting. No more! I am coming up on 30 and I truly need to have a workout routine that is consistent. Not even for the purpose of losing a lot of weight, but working out increases energy levels and I would just love to be in shape! There's no reason running a short distance to make me out of breath. I am committed to following through on this in 2021.


I am Choosing to Eat More Green Vegetables

The crazy thing about this is that I actually like a lot of green vegetables, so it has nothing to do with me not liking the taste. I just didn't want to take the time to prepare these healthier foods. It is so much easier to grab a bag of chips or go through the drive-through for chicken tenders and fries. When I eat a lot of green vegetables, I can totally tell a difference in my energy levels as well as how my body just feels. It is a must!

I am Choosing to Find Healthier Options of the Foods I Love

A part of being healthier is just making better decisions in the ingredients of the food I already love. I am a huge buffalo wing person, but when I bake them and make my own sauce with healthy ingredients, it's much better for me and still delicious! I recently discovered Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza and it has made me SO happy! Not only is it gluten free, but it is made with 100% real cheese, the tasty sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes and is absolutely delicious, and the crust comes out crispy just how I like it! It's so perfect because it comes in Four Cheese and Pepperoni, which are the two types of pizza my husband and I love. And you know one of the coolest parts? It's right in the freezer section of my grocery store! Some of my poor eating choices come from trying to find convenience and this pizza provides that plus it is a better-for-you option.



I am Choosing to Not Sweat the Small Stuff and Work on Lowering my Anxiety/Stress

Stress and Anxiety can really cause serious issues in your overall health, including increasing your blood pressure. Believe it or not, sometimes my anxiety can get pretty crazy. I get anxious about some of the smaller things and then of course the craziness of the world can cause my anxiety to skyrocket too. I am committed to finding ways to lower my anxiety and stress. Somethings that have helped me in the past is journaling, yoga, and making time to do the things that make me happy. I will be way more consistent in 2021 with this.


What are some healthy habits you already have or are working to commit to on a daily basis? I'd love to hear about them! Also, be sure to try that Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza! I promise you will not be disappointed, it is SO good.



Thank you so much for reading! xo


  1. THis is awesome and I'm excited for you! For me, not sweating the small stuff has helped me so much!


  2. These are such great goals for 2021! Can't wait to see what this year has in store for you.

  3. You go girl! Im GF so I definitely need to try that pizza!

  4. These are all such great things to work on, things we can all work towards doing more of to take better care of ourselves! Thanks for sharing such great, actionable items! Ps. That GF pizza looks amazing!!

  5. YES! to everything. Wishing you all the best with your goals for 2021.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  6. These are awesome goals! I love that you're choosing to take care of yourself in these ways. Also, I LOVE Freschette pizzas. They were the ONLY frozen pizzas my mom would ever buy when I was growing up, so now they're super nostalgic for me. So delicious too.

  7. Finding ways to avoid stressing over the small stuff is such a huge part of our "health"!!! I love these ideas - and Freschetta pizza is so good!

  8. Saw the title, then saw the pizza, and was like yes! (Clearly hungry atm, lol). All jokes aside, cheers to crushing those goals this year! xoxo, Sarah

  9. Anonymous1/14/2021

    I love Freschetta Pizza! It used to be my husband and I would get a Freschetta Pizza and play guitar hero on Friday nights when we first got married.

  10. yesssss i totally share these goals with you!! i have got to get better about my eating habits and the gym :)

  11. These are such great habits to start in the new year!


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