2020 Mid-Year Check In + Nordstrom $500 Gift Card Giveaway!


Can you believe that we are more than half way through 2020 already?! I guess time flies when you're stuck at home, haha! I planned on getting this blog post out at the beginning of July, but life happens! I've had great changes happen this month and I had a lot to do to prepare. Regardless, I'm here now and I'm ready talk to you guys about the first half of the year. 202 days have passed and it has been a WHIRLWIND! Between COVID-19, so many unfortunate deaths, racial injustices, and more, it has been an exhausting first half to say the least. I spoke a little bit about the pandemic we are all facing and my thoughts on everything happening right now in this post, but right now let's go through a short recap since my last update post back in May.

In early June, I celebrated my 29th birthday and it was a blast! You can read more about me turning 29 and a letter I wrote to myself in this post. My husband really went all out and surprised me. I had the best time! Now that we are in July, guess what? You guys... I started a new job! Not just a new job, but a new career and I am OVER THE MOON excited! It's so crazy how quickly life can change and it's so important to roll with the punches. If you have been here a while and have read all of my life update blog posts, then you will know that this is HUGE for me. I quit a great job back in August of 2017 because the travel that was required just did not fit into my life and I was very unhappy. After that, I struggled for two years to find another job. I went through great sadness, feeling unfulfilled, and questioning God's plan for my life. I was in a rough place. In May of 2019, I was blessed with an opportunity to return to work, but I knew deep down it wasn't going to be my forever career. It was an assistant role and I am used to having way more responsibility. I just felt fortunate to be back in the working world! I worked there for almost  a year before I was laid off due to COVID-19. Now, as of last Monday, I am working for a company I wanted to work for REALLY bad and prayed for constantly! I am in a management position and it is everything I wanted. Crazy enough, I started interviewing for the job I currently have right before the pandemic hit. Once the world shut down, everything was put on hold so to get the job after waiting (mini season of waiting), I feel it was truly God's plan for me. I can't wait to see how it goes!

I read the post above on Instagram in the beginning of June and I read it constantly week after week. It literally says what I have been feeling, and articulates it so well. I have heard over and over again that 2020 is cancelled because of all of the unfortunate events that have taken place and still continue to take place, but I don't believe it is cancelled. I feel sad about all of the bad that has happened and I wish it hadn't, but since we are here I feel it has truly made us all grow in ways we possibly wouldn't have without this push from God. I feel I have grown so much in the last six months than I have in the last few years. We have been forced to slow down and really take a good look at ourselves and the world around us and demand change. The world is a beautiful disaster right now and I do believe it will turn around. We just have to do the right thing and constantly continue to pray for better days. Ask yourself daily, how am I helping to make things better? We will be alright friends! :-)

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  1. I'm in the same boat with the job situation. I was got my dream job and then COVID happened and had to put on a freeze on everything. But like you said, maybe God has a plan.


  2. I'm so thrilled for you! I'm sure it's incredibly fulfilling and encouraging to be back to what you really love. You'll have to keep us updating on all the goings on with your new career. Congratulations!

  3. GOSH it really has been a roller coaster for everyone!! It seems like you have been staying positive, though and so glad you had a great birthday and have a great husband who supports you!

    xx rebecca // thecrystalpress.com/blog

  4. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like it's been a crazy time! But I'm sure we all can relate haha!


  5. Ok first of all this pic is SOOOO cute!! And major congrats on the new gig!

  6. It is almost August and I cannot believe it. You look lovely in those of these pictures.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  7. Congratulations on the new job, that is so exciting!!

  8. Mid-year check in is definitely a good idea, and truthfully I'm just getting over the fact that I will likely not be taking any "big" trips this year. Definitely makes me sad since travel was a big part of my content last year, but it just doesn't feel safe to go overseas just yet!

  9. Love that quote! Its such a good reminder during these crazy times.

  10. So excited for you and your new job! Such a blessing!

  11. I love this post and your denim dress is absolutely adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Love this check in post! Excited for your new job!

  13. Anna English7/27/2020

    It's absolutely crazy to think this year is halfway over!

  14. cannot believe 2020 is halfway over! love your denim dress, girl!

    cute & little

  15. Seriously cannot believe the year is halfway over...well more than halfway over. So crazy! Time went so slow at the start of the year and now sooo fast. Excited for your new job lady!

    xo Laura Leigh


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