Six Daily Habits to Improve Your Self-Confidence and Mood

One thing that I’m not afraid to admit in my adult life is my constant struggle to be centered in my own self-confidence. From the outside looking in, people would probably assume that I have always been a very confident person that has always been so sure of my decisions, but that honestly isn’t true. Having confidence is something I have struggled with since middle school and at 28 years old, self-doubt rears its ugly head in my way more times than I’d like to admit. Back in middle school, I went through spouts of bullying and rejection from my peers that I think sent me in a downward spiral of self-doubt. It shook my confidence to the core and I lacked the tools to boost my OWN confidence despite what was said to me. Years down the line, I tried boosting my self-confidence by seeking to be like the people around me who I felt radiated with that confidence I desired. That just caused more of an identity crisis within myself because it had me questioning who I truly was. It became a MESS and I didn’t like who I was becoming. I spoke in this post a little bit about my journey of personal development and how there were some things I didn’t like about myself that I had to change, and lacking self-confidence is one of those things. I used to envy those individuals who could walk into any room and own it with their confidence. It’s like they would command attention without even trying and I couldn’t figure out how to be more like that.

Over the years, I have learned that although some people were just born radiating with confidence, chances are for most, confidence is probably not something that came so naturally to them either. For most of us, self-confidence takes commitment and discipline to incorporate daily habits that will channel our confidence and build our self-esteem. Thankfully I have finally grasped some tools that help me to be more confident despite what other people are doing, thinking, or saying. Learning for yourself how to do this is SO important because having self-confidence also helps to boost your mood and I believe that TRUE happiness comes from security within yourself. Today, I will be sharing 6 daily habits that you can add to your daily routine to aid in more self-confidence which in turn will also boost your overall mood!
6 Daily Habits to Improve Your Self-Confidence + Mood
Stop the Comparison Game //
Want to know one of the quickest ways to doubt yourself? By comparing your journey to someone else’s. You’ll lose yourself every time. What we have to remember is that people only tell you or show you what they want you to know majority of the time. You know how people say social media is a "highlight reel"? IT IS. Not many people post their losses. It’s the win’s that are magnified. Remember, by comparing your life to someone else, you could be comparing your day one to their day 100! It’s not a fair game.

Take More Risks //
My confidence started to improve when I started putting myself out there more and facing my fears. I still have a ways to go in this area, but taking risks give you a certain liberation that you can’t really get anywhere else. Every risk isn’t going to be successful, but the reality is that you did it! You put yourself out there and risked falling on your face and it just feels so good. Facing a fear proves that you can survive. Whether the outcome was good or bad, you survived it!

Surround Yourself With Good + Positive People //
Let’s be honest. Some people are just shitty individuals. Some people thrive off of your failures and downplay your successes. Who needs that sort of abuse? It’s a confidence and mood killer for sure! Find a tribe of people who want to see you win and if they can, they will help you to win. Also, don’t give in to the saying "misery loves company". If you hang around people who lack self-confidence, always negative, and pessimistic, you will most likely take on that personality too. You need to surround yourself with people who will encourage you and support you through the bad times, not let you sit in your funk. Let go of the Drake "no new friends" mentality and find people who will celebrate the good things about you and build you up. One of my favorite things to do is tell my friends how awesome they are because I know what it feels like to not get that, and I know the power of hearing it.
When You Accomplish Something Great, Celebrate! //
When you do something awesome, make it a PRIORITY to celebrate it. If you’re someone who has shut down because in the past your accomplishments weren’t celebrated, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to start celebrating yourself. Don’t let the actions of others make you downplay your awesomeness. It should be celebrated and celebrated often. And when you find your tribe of good people who want to see you win, they will want to celebrate you too.

List Things You Love About Yourself //
I’ve done this multiple times when I felt myself slipping into a funk. The deeper into the bad place you are, the harder this task may be, but I challenge you to do it anyway. Take some quiet time and REALLY think about it! Once you start listing the things that make you unique, special, and just totally you, your mood will be lifted and more confidence will be exuded. How can you expect people to find the things they love about you if you can’t find them for yourself?

Don’t Be a Victim //
We have to stop sometimes and look in the mirror. When I did this, I saw some things I just did not like about myself and it was up to me to change them. At the end of the day, we are all victims of something. However, we can’t let those circumstances rob us of our own inner strength. We, women especially, are so strong and possess strength that we don’t realize we have until we are forced to use it. We can really conquer anything. It’s okay to have sad moments, but staying down too long only hurts yourself more. Have faith in you and don’t let one circumstance (or multiple) ruin your happiness. Life is just way too short!

The bottom line is that you have to take care of yourself. If you don’t, how can you expect other people to do it the way you need it to be done? Be your own best friend and biggest cheerleader. When you truly accept all of the unique qualities about yourself, then there’s no room for self-doubt. You will radiate that confidence and it’ll just feel like you’re living! I want you to live your best, most happiest life possible, and you can. Start today.

Thank you so much for reading! xo


  1. These tips are AMAZING!!! The comparison thing is sooo hard but so necessary! and i love the idea of making sure to celebrate our wins :)

    xx rebecca //

  2. These are all such great tips! Saving for later <3 Thanks for sharing these!!


  3. So many great habits!! My favorite way to improve my mood is to take a shower and do something I love, like read or take a walk!


  4. This is such a great post, and I totally agree with your tips - especially putting yourself out there in taking risks. It seems so counter-intuitive but I've found as well that when I take big risks in my career, doing the thing I feel I'm not 'ready' for, I end up gaining a lot of self-confidence.

  5. Great tips and coming at a perfect time! xoxo, Sarah

  6. Ya know, everyone will say the comparison game is dangerous to play, but I think it's especially challenging in the digital age - and even more so if you spend a great deal of time on social media. Since blogging is my full-time job, I find myself going toe-to-toe with so many amazing women every single day, and it's a struggle to maintain self-confidence! But the moment I let my guard down and begin celebrating them and myself equally, it makes a world of difference! These tips are fantastic!

  7. What a great post and I totally agree with your tips. I truly believe that we have to stop the comparison game to truly live a full-filling life!

  8. Love these tips! Especially the one with writing down things you love about yourself. Self worth is SO important and if everyone realized how important they were it would solve a lot of emotional challenges.

  9. These are all such great tips & perfect timing!


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