Our First Cruise to Nassau, Bahamas | What We Learned

Last month, my husband and I went on our very first cruise! I thought it was so interesting that neither one of us had ever been on a cruise before and so we were able to add this to our list of “firsts in travel” together. Our good friends invited us along on this cruise with them as they were celebrating their three year wedding anniversary. We LOVE celebrations and we LOVE traveling so of course we were delighted to receive this invite and immediately hopped aboard (pun intended).

So for our first experience, we went on a three day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas and I can honestly say we had a good time. I went into this with no expectations because I didn’t have any idea of what to expect. In the week’s leading up to the cruise, I’m pretty sure I texted my friend Britne about 25 times with bizarre questions because I wanted to be prepared and I had NO IDEA what this experience was going to be like. I will say that if we decide to cruise again, we definitely want to try a longer one because three days just does not allow for enough time to experience the destination. I am glad that we chose the three day cruise for our first experience though because I really thought I was going to get seasick and I was OVER prepared with medicine. Surprisingly, I didn’t get seasick at all, but if I had I would have wanted the time on the ship to be short, lol.

Anyway, I wanted to write this post to share some things that I learned about cruises just in case there’s someone out there like me who has never been on a cruise and doesn’t have a CLUE what to expect. I want you to be prepared! :-)

Don’t Get the WiFi
Unless you have to (which I don’t see why you would... you’re on vacation), don’t get the WiFi! My husband and I went back and forth on whether or not we would or not and I’m so glad we opted not to. It felt good to unplug even if just for a couple of days. I’m always on social media and he’s always working, so for both of us to be 100% present was priceless to me.

You Should Probably Splurge for the Balcony Room
My husband and I ended up getting the room with a window and it was kind of suite style because it was a king size bed and a couch so it made the room “roomier” and comfortable. The standard room is very small and although it is often the cheapest option, if you are even just a LITTLE claustrophobic, I wouldn’t do it. My husband really wanted to get the balcony room and I kind of talked him out of it because again, I thought I was going to get seasick, so we compromised on a window we could shut out, lol. I do wish however that we had got the balcony!

The Food was Actually Good!
I had low expectations for the cruise as a whole, but I had even lower expectations for the food and man was I wrong! I enjoyed the majority of my meals and y’all do know that food is included on the cruise, right? (I didn’t know beforehand lol) So you can eat and eat until your heart is content and you shouldn’t be disappointed by the food! My favorites were the taco bowls (my friend hyped these up to no disappointment) and the burgers!

There’s Always Something to Do
At every point of the day on a cruise, you can find SOMETHING to get into. They have shows, a casino, games, crafts, the pool, THE BAR, seriously.. it’s extremely hard to get bored. They even give you a schedule each day letting you know what will be going on the following day.

It’s Okay to Overpack, but You Won’t Need It
I am an over-packer by nature. It’s just what I do because I always want to be prepared for every single scenario that could come up. However, on a cruise, if you’re lucky it’s just going to be hot.  So being in a bathing suit all day every day is okay! Now, you do have to wear real clothing to dinner and the cruise we were on had a “formal night”, but don’t think that means ball gowns.. although some people went there! I’ll probably always overpack, but it felt good to be comfortable!

Drink ALL the Pina Coladas and Margaritas!
If you saw me on this cruise, I'm pretty sure I ALWAYS had a drink in my hand and that is more than okay on a cruise! There's amazing workers every where you go ready to take your drink order and I'm honestly not mad at it at all. My husband's drink of choice was the rum punch, but I think I drank more Pina Coladas!

The Ship Never Sleeps
Like mentioned above, there’s always something to do so expect things to be happening ALL NIGHT LONG. One thing that was annoying was people loud in the hallway at all hours of the night, but it’s to be expected I guess. I have to find the floor with the older crowd next time, haha.

All in all, I’d say our first cruise experience was a good one. There’s some things that my husband and I both agree we would do differently if/when we decide to cruise again. I honestly think I am just more in favor of flying to a destination and then spending all of my trip time exploring that place, but I do feel that if we had done a longer cruise, our experience may have been better. I’m definitely wanting to try it again for a longer time!

Have you ever been on a cruise? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Thank you so much for reading! Xo


  1. It has been years since I was on a cruise, but I would love to go on one again! Definitely recommend one that is longer and goes to more places so you can take advantage.

  2. I've never been to a cruise but your time on there looked amazing!


  3. this looks like an amazing trip! love how colorful and vibrant everything is!

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip!! Love the idea of not getting the wifi, wifi-less vacays are the best!!

    cute & little

  5. Glad you had such a fun first experience with a cruise! I'm glad you didn't get seasick! I do feel like a cruise is more about your time on the boat than the destination, but that can be fun too.
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Anonymous9/23/2019

    Cruises are the best!! My fiance has not been on one either so maybe I should show him this travel recap to convince him to go on one with me .. looks like y'all had a blast!

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  7. I appreciate you sharing your experience here. I have never been on a cruise and this was helpful for when I do plan.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  8. Looks like you had such a fun time on this trip! Will be looking into cruises for my next vacation for sure! xoxo sarah

  9. These are really good tips- especially the not worrying about getting the wifi!

  10. Loved reading this!! I've never been on a cruise either but will try it out one of these days!

  11. This looks amazing! Looks like y'all had such a great time!

  12. I love going on cruises! There is definitely alot to know before one goes for the first time, so great post!

  13. Looks and sounds like an amazing time!! Love your advice to just live in a bathing suit the entire time and soak up the sun.
    Xo, Deanie

  14. I've never been on a cruise but I've been to Nassau a few times and love it! Next time I go, I'll definitely be taking a cruise!



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