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My Birthday Brunch Day Party

I'm so excited to finally share photos from my 28th Birthday Brunch Day Party! I LOVED planning and executing this party. I get so much joy from entertaining and having parties at our home, so having my birthday party at home was super exciting for me. I decided to have a brunch day party because my birthday fell on a Sunday this year and I wanted to celebrate on my actual birthday. I don't know about y'all, but I can't party late on nights where I have to get up early the next day, so I needed to have a party earlier in the day. It worked out perfectly! Our last guests left at around 7ish, so it was just enough time to wind down and prepare for the week. I had a blast!

I made a photo backdrop and it was super easy! My husband gifted me this photo backdrop kit a couple of years ago and so I used part of that for the main backdrop. Of course if you don't have one of those, you can use a blank wall, an oversized plastic tablecloth, or I've even used wrapping paper in the past for Christmas parties. Anyway, I bought the glitter polka dot decorations in pink and gold so I could alternate them on the backdrop and I just used clear tape to hold them up. Then, I just added the '28' balloons on the side and some pink and gold balloons on the bottom. BOOM. Backdrop! :)

I realized once I started on this post that I never took a picture of the delicious brunch food that we had! However, if you follow me on Instagram I have a highlight tab from my birthday and you can see the amazing brunch food there. We had a little bit of everything and it was catered by Chef Batts! If you need catering in the Nashville area, he's your guy!

My delicious and BEAUTIFUL cake and cake pops were made by the talented Camill from Cake My Day and it was a HUGE hit! I told her my vision and she executed it perfectly to match my pink and gold brunch theme! Contact her for all of your sweets needs. She does a little bit of everything!

The main attraction (in my opinion) for my birthday party was the mimosa bar and it was pretty much what sparked my whole idea for having a brunch party. I wanted the mimosas! :-)
It was pretty easy to put together. I ordered this sequin tablecloth and then I ordered four of these carafes for the different juices. Once I had those things, it was really all about accessorizing the table. I decided to buy these plastic champagne flutes and these gold straws, I bought some pink flowers and small gold '28' balloons and my table was pretty much set. Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't add some fruit garnishes and even candy to the table too. I was so obsessed with how it turned out.

My party was so much fun! The ladies and I even made up our own dance to Beyonce's "Before I Let Go" and recorded it. SO MUCH FUN. I would share, but I swore the ladies I wouldn't, haha. It is quite hilarious though and I will always watch it to remember this birthday. It's literally the type of days I live for.

I had such an amazing time with all of my family and friends and it really made me want to have another party soon! My husband and I really love to entertain, so I am hoping we can squeeze in maybe a barbecue before the summer officially ends, but to be completely honest, we have been BUSY y'all. So busy! I guess that is one of the great things about having things at home though because I LOVE being at my own time schedule and leisure. I would highly suggest having a brunch day party for your next birthday if you need ideas! You'll have a ball! :-)

Thank you so much for reading! xo



  1. Awww it looks like you had a fun birthday brunch! I love the pink cake, it's so pretty and feminine. Also the champagne bar is such a good idea! Love it! Xxx

  2. How fun! Your cake look so pretty and yummy! Happy Birthday!!


  3. Such a gorgeous brunch! I love the pink theme and your beautiful cake!


  4. Your birthday outfit is perfection. Happy 28th hun

  5. This looks like such a fun birthday! I am loving that mimosa bar and that cake looks YUMMY!

  6. This is the coolest birthday party ever! Love everything! Hope it was amazing!

  7. This is such a cute birthday party! I love you dress and that cake looks amazing! Happy 28th!


  8. Happy belated!! The cake looks amazing and I love your mimosa bar setup!

  9. So fun! That cake is gorgeous!

  10. Happy belated birthday, your brunch looked amazing! Such a cute idea and that dress looks stunning on you!

    Xoxo @thehouseofsequins

  11. Aw happy birthday! This looks so fun

  12. It looks like you had the best time! Happy belated birthday sweet girl!


  13. What a fun way to celebrate with friends & family! Happy Happy Birthday!

  14. What a fun party!! Hope you had an amazing birthday- that dress is fabulous!

  15. Happy belated birthday! I love the brunch theme. Your birthday party looks so fun and the decor is so cute!


  16. Such a fun party idea!! And I wish you would share that video! I bet y'all had the best time making it!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  17. Belated Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fun party.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  18. Looks like so much fun - that cake is amazing!

  19. Firstly, let me wish you a VERY happy birthday! 28 looks real good on you! I have to smile at your brunch and mimosa bar concept because it reminds me of my bridal shower. I knew I had to have a mimosa bar, so we made the entire rest of the party revolve around that - just like you did. Love the backdrop for the photos too! And girl - now I'm dying to see that dance routine haha!

  20. How fun! Your cake is absolutely beautiful!

    xo Laura Leigh

  21. Happy birthday! The cake is gorgeous and I love those carafes.


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