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"Party in the city when the heat is on, all night on the beach till' the break of dawn. Welcome to MIAMI!"

HI GUYS! So happy to share this post with you today. So, I've been to Miami a BUNCH of times and we do the usual things! Beach, Wet Willies, The Sugar Factory, beach again, clubbing, etc. However on my last trip to this amazing city with some pretty awesome gal pals (@jasminekatrina, @littonavenue, and @scalesofstyle), we only had 48 hours to hit some of the BEST, but sometimes overlooked spots in Miami. I'm SO EXCITED to share these places with you because it'll make your next trip to M.I.A. so much more enjoyable.

Where to Stay
First, I'm going to share where we stayed! Y'all.. it was SUCH a cute hotel!
Anglers South Beach Miami
We stayed at the Anglers South Beach, which is a Kimpton property. You guys.. I LOVE how picturesque it was. So many Instagram worthy spots for sure! The bed was extremely comfortable and the room was spacious. They do in room massages and spa services as well, which I believe is a great feature. I also love that this hotel is only a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of the south beach strip, but it is far enough to feel like a "private haven". They have a nice sized rooftop pool and they offer workout classes to their guests! I would highly recommend this hotel.

Another great option for a hotel would be Faena Hotel Miami Beach. We did not stay here, but we did visit for brunch on Sunday morning and it was great! They have so many amazing features including an awesome pool with beautiful red and white decor and multiple restaurants and bars. I'd love to stay here on another trip to Miami!

6 Places You Have to Visit

So now, let's talk about 6 places you definitely have to visit on your next trip to Miami!

1. Miami Design District

This place was so cool! I LOVE bright colors so this place was right up my alley y'all! I didn't do any shopping because like I said in the beginning, we had a lot of ground to cover in 48 hours! However, I do want to go back... soon. :) 

2. Cafe Dior

 Again, such a cute spot! They had delicious drinks and pastries and just a chill, laid back atmosphere. The Cafe Dior is located in the Dior store in the design district. Make sure you drop by!

3. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

One of the most beautiful places I have EVER seen! Wow! Seriously, y'all have to go. Vizcaya was the winter home for a business man named James Deering back in the 1910's. Now, it is a museum and a destination for people to have weddings and just come for the history and pictures! It does cost $22 per adult, $15 per teen, and $10 per child for admission, but I'd say it is totally worth it. Just a heads up, if you go in and you look like you're going in JUST to take pictures (change of clothes, big camera, etc.), they will try to charge you a fee for a photo permit. I would only say it is worth it if you're going in for a full photo shoot and not just for some Instagram photos.

4. Cielto Artisan Pops
 This is such a cute little place! I LOVE popsicles, so this was a cool treat. This place is located in Winwood and it is worth it! You can get pretty much any flavor you can think of and they even add chocolate and toppings if you'd like! I opted for a simple lime+mint+ginger flavor because it was so hot and it was extremely refreshing!

5. Gianni's at Casa Casuarina (Gianni Versace's Home)

We had dinner here Monday night and the food was pretty good! I think I was more interested in the experience and the eeriness of it all, not to mention all the beautiful Versace touches like the stair railing in the photo above. If you don't know the story of Gianni Versace, I'd advise you to look it up. There's even a Netflix show about it. The home has been converted into a hotel and restaurant and although it was very cool to visit, I'm not sure if I'd be able to stay there overnight without getting nightmares!

6. The Pizza Bar
Last, but certainly not least, the PIZZA BAR! This place had some GREAT pizza y'all! It's a small place, but they make BIG pizzas! I mean, look at the photo above! The prices are relatively cheap and they have a wide variety of items on the menu. I will definitely go back again!

What's your favorite place to visit, or favorite thing to do when you visit Miami? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading! xo



  1. I haven't been to Miami in ages, but you're making me want to go back ASAP.

  2. I just went to Miami for the first time a few weeks ago! Loved having drinks at the downstairs outside bar at Smith & Wollensky!

  3. Anglers south beach looks so cool!!!

  4. This place looks amazing babe and I love all the photo worthy spots!! SO cute.

    cute & little

  5. This looks like such a fun place to visit! You always go to the best locations!

  6. Bookmarking this for future because I have been meaning to plan a trip to Miami ... it has been over a decade since I went last.


  7. I've only been to Miami once, but I missed so many of these places! I'll have to put them on my list if I go back!
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. So fun! I've only been to Miami once but it was forever ago. Need to make another trip there!

    xo Laura Leigh

  9. Great post! Need to plan a trip to Miami ASAP!

    Xoxo Sarah Lindner

  10. Both of those hotels look sooooo cute! I can't even get over it

  11. I grew up in south Florida but didn't really go to Miami much. But next time I'm there, I'll have to go to the Design District and the Anglers hotel on South Beach. Thanks for sharing!

  12. A dream come true! I'm obsessed with cafe Dior, I had no idea that that cafe existed. The Design District is a must for sure. Loved your dress<3

  13. My husband grew up about an hour outside of Miami and when we were first dating (long distance) I would visit him every month, so I'd prod him to visit MIA with me any time I was there! I love Wynwood in the design district - but I've never been to the rest of these spots. I gotta get there at some point!

  14. Anonymous7/31/2019

    100% would love to visit Cafe Dior!! And the design district looks so cool!! Your photos there are awesome!

    How 2 Wear It []

  15. I've been dying to go to Miami! Looks like you had a great time!

  16. Ah your trip looks so fun! I need to get back to Miami ASAP.

    xx Mollie

  17. I’ve never been to Miami before but it looks like there are so many cool spots to check out!

  18. All these look like great spots! I've only been once for a Bachelorette party but would defintely love to go back and do some more exploring!

  19. Love this post!!! Makes me really want to go to Miami. Your hotel looks great too.


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