Palm Beach, FL Travel Diary | Where to Sleep, Eat, and Be Entertained

Hello Friends!
I'm so excited to share a little bit about our trip to Palm Beach, FL with you guys today. Palm Beach is such a gem and I honestly cannot wait to go back. Before this trip, I had visited many different parts of Florida, but never Palm Beach and I definitely fell in love while we were there! The water was so blue, the architecture was so cute and cozy,  and there were palm trees everywhere. I am already ready to visit again!

In my opinion, Palm Beach has like a boutique type feel in their hotels, restaurants, and of course shopping. Everything was 'picture-esque' and I found SO MANY instagrammable moments! Let's get right into this, shall we?

Where Did We Stay?

On this trip, Marcus and I stayed at The Breakers and it was one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen! You can see the exterior in the photo above, but honestly the picture does it no justice. Crazy enough, this hotel was built back in 1896 and it went through a lot. It went through two fires in 1903 and in 1925, and each time they rebuilt the hotel it was better than the last. This hotel has a huge rich history that you can feel in every single room and I loved staying there!

It is a VERY big hotel, so I think the next time Marcus and I visit Palm Beach, I'd love to try one of the more boutique sized/styled hotels! We went to one for brunch one day and it was so charming. However, there's really nothing bad that I can say about the Breakers. From the restaurants (one including a bar that is made out of an aquarium) to the pools to the spa, this is definitely a hotel you have to check out. If you don't stay here, you can also just visit for the day or night. Guarantee you will not be disappointed!

How cool is this seafood aquarium bar? I was so intrigued!

I look this picture in the lobby of the hotel. They changed this beautiful flower arrangement twice during our stay and both times it was absolutely stunning!

Where Did We Eat?

We ate a lot of food inside the hotel during our time in Palm Beach and you can check out those restaurants here, but there's three outside of the hotel that we tried that I want to highlight for you here.

Spot #1: Brunch
This was my FAVORITE meal and it is so funny because it is definitely something I can get at home, but I enjoyed it so much! My Hubby and I went to Café Boulud for brunch one of the days of of trip. It is in the courtyard of the Brazilian Court Hotel and Beach Club and it is SO cute! They had live music playing and the greenery was so beautiful to look at. Anyway, I had the waffles with a side of bacon and the waffles were literally the most fluffy waffles I've ever had in my life. I also had their signature drink which was called the cosmopolitan and it had a frozen orchard in it!

Spot #2: Dinner
The second one is called PB Catch and my dinner there was absolutely delicious! Let me start off by saying I am NOT a seafood person at all, but since we were in Palm Beach, I decided to be a little more adventurous than I usually am and I am SO glad I made that decision! Just see the pictures below to see how delicious my Chilean sea-bass looked! Oh and I had to have some sorbet for dessert. That's like my go-to on beach vacations!

Spot #3: Late Night Snack
This was a place that I actually didn't try because I was STUFFED from dinner still this particular night, however, my husband had the pizza and he said it was pretty good! It's called 'Pizza Girls' and they have large New York style slices. Great reviews, you guys should try it!

Things To Do In Palm Beach
  •  Go Shopping on Worth Ave
  • Go on An Everglades Tour
  • Go On A Biking Tour
  • Play Croquet or Golf or BOTH!
  • Go to the Beach and Spend the Day
  • Rent a Catamaran For the Day
  • Go Kayaking
  • RELAX!

Have you ever visited Palm Beach? What was your favorite part?

Thank you for reading! xo


  1. so many fun and cute spots!!

  2. I always love seeing your adventures! This looks like such a great place to visit!

  3. this looks like such a fun trip! i have been wanting to visit Palm Beach for a while now!

    xx rebecca

  4. The Breakers is incredible! I love visiting Palm Beach. So many gorgeous views!

  5. Your pics are incredible and gorgeous as usual!! You and hubby look so happy and like you had a great time!!
    xoxo Sarah

  6. This is dreamy and so tropical and that food looks TO DIE for! Looks like y'all had a great time!

  7. Anonymous5/10/2019

    I'm with you on liking to stay at boutique hotels usually but staying in The Breakers looked like it was awesome! Sometimes its nice having a bigger room and more amenities that come with larger hotels!

    How 2 Wear It []

  8. Looks like you had a blast. Love the red swim suit.


  9. Great pictures! It looks and sounds like you had a fulfilled trip! Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely keep in mind all of the places that you visited while you were there so that I can check them out myself.

  10. You have me ready for a tropical beach vacay! Looks like so much fun!

  11. I'd love to visit Palm Beach one day! Your trip there looked amazing and The Breakers is such a cute hotel!

  12. Looks like such a fun trip! I haven't been to PalmBeach in years but now want to go back!

  13. You go to the best places! This looks like so much fun! I've never heard of Palm Bay, but I definitely want to visit now!


  14. I'm dying to go to Palm Beach so definitely saving this for later!! Can't believe how beautiful that blue water is!

  15. looks like you had such a great time there! Such a beautiful place!

  16. Looks like an amazing trip babe!! That hotel looks absolutely gorgeous!

    cute & little

  17. Wow! Looks like a beautiful trip. I am local so I definitely will check out some of these spots the next time we are in Palm Beach!

  18. I've gone a lot of places in Florida, but Palm Beach isn't one of them (yet). It sounds like a really fun place to visit!

  19. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for all the travel tips!

  20. Sounds like you had such a fun trip! That hotel looks gorgeous and it seems there is no shortage of things to do in palm beach!
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