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#HousetoHome | Cloffice (Closet+Office) Reveal

I am so excited to be sharing my favorite room of our house with you guys today, my cloffice!

In case you're unsure of what a cloffice is, it's basically a closet + an office combined. I am not sure where the name actually came from, but I thought I made it up until I started seeing other people use it! Nevertheless, it is my favorite place in the house and it is the perfect little space for me.

Before we jump into the pictures of this gorgeous space, let me give you guys a little backstory. First of all, I told my husband I wanted to turn this room in our house into a cloffice before we even went under contract, haha. Surprisingly, he was immediately on board! We had a couple of other things we prioritized in the house before this room, but last July (I can't believe I've had my little space almost a year!), we took the plunge! My husband, my Mom and I rode down to Memphis one random Saturday, bought all the things I needed for my cloffice, and drove back home. Then, we spent the next day putting all of the furniture together. It was SO MUCH FUN watching it come together.

You see, I planned this room out on an interior design website. I knew exactly what I needed/wanted before we went to the store because I already had photos of what it was going to look like. I'll show y'all a quick comparison below. The top photo was what I made on the computer and the bottom is my actual cloffice! So cool right?!
So watching this room come to life was extra special to me! Plus, it was a lot of fun bonding with my hubby and mom while putting all the furniture together. Anyway, I can be long-winded and this post is all about the cloffice, so it's about time I show you guys the photos! :) Enjoy!

TADAH! :) I am so in love with this room. My favorite part of my cloffice is my candy station and my wine fridge in the corner. I guess it is the perfect 'woman cave'! Most of my furniture came from IKEA and At Home Stores, and but I linked some similar things above!

Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. I love your new cloffice! It's so chic! I love those bookcases, I really need to do something like this!


  2. This is such a fun, feminine space! Love that you can work from here too

  3. Such a pretty work space! I love the idea of a “cloffice”!

    xx Mollie

  4. Wow ... it looks amazing. All the details and decor. If this was my room I would be in love with it too.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  5. Such a beautiful office babe! Love how you decorated it and all of the stunning details!

    cute & little

  6. I love the term “cloffice.” What a great idea! Your cloffice is so cute and I like how everything is so organized.

  7. Obsessed with how your cloffice turned out! I need a space like this for all my shoes!

  8. What a cute space! I love how it turned out. So pretty touches and lots of storage space!


  9. beautiful!
    Like your blog, thank you for sharing.

  10. Your cloffice is so vibrant and cheerful! I love how you structured it. Especially the desk being central in the room. If my desk wasn't so enormous, I probably would've done the same thing haha!

  11. OMG can't believe this was a closet! I love how it turned out, you did a great job. It looks like a space that will be fun to spend time in. :)

  12. WOW!! What a great set up! This looks amazing! So jealous of all that space for your shoes lolol -- xx rebecca

  13. so pretty! your pink chair and desk are like my DREAM home office products!

  14. ooh I love this! Dying for when we have a house and I can create something like this

  15. Love, Love, Love it Jam! The best woman cave, I've ever seen.Thanks for sharing this beautiful room with us.

    P.S. This is my first time hearing the word cloffice. Love it!!!

  16. I absolutely LOVE your office/closet space. Super girly and chic.

  17. I have a cloffice too, and yours looks incredible! Thanks so much for sharing this Inspo!

  18. Your cloffice turned out so good! I used to have one before my son was born but now it's his bedroom!!

    xo, Laura


  19. How fun gal! We are in the process of purchasing our first home and I have every intention of putting together a cloffice as well haha.

    xo Laura Leigh

  20. You did such a great job!! I love all of the decor

  21. Ahh to have a cloffice... yours is so cute and love that rug!


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