8 Things You Must Do Before Summer Ends

Hello friends!

I am in disbelief that we are at the END of August right now. The year is just flying right on by and I don't have time to catch my breath! Y'all ever feel like it's so much you want to do and you think you have so much time and then you blink and that's a joke? HA! My life right now, but it's okay because I believe everything happens when it is supposed to happen.

So although we won't probably see a Fall day for like another three months (crazy Nashville weather), technically summer is coming to an end and we should be preparing for my favorite season of the year -- FALL! I'm probably exaggerating about the three months, but I'm sure it's going to be awhile. Even though last week when Beyonce was here, it was like the most perfect fall night! I feel like she may have used her super queen powers and made our weather pleasant since she knew we'd be outside because we haven't had a night like it since, HA! Back on topic, since we are coming close to the end of summer, I wanted to round up some activities that I think we should do before summer ends! Let's not taking these scorching hot and humid days for granted guys! :)

8 Things You Must Do Before Summer Ends

1. Visit a Winery
We have a really nice winery near our house that we haven't been to yet, so I really hope I can go with my husband or some of my friends within the next couple weeks. Nothing like an afternoon sipping wine and enjoying the company of those around you.

2. Go on a Picnic
You could possibly combine this one with the first one if the winery you go to allows picnics. I believe most of them do! If not, find a local park, grab some finger foods (and wine, duh), get a nice big blanket and have a good ole time.

3. Go to a Drive-In Movie
When I was a little girl, my mom used to take me to drive-in movies all the time and I had been wondering if they were still active. I recently looked it up and they are! It's about an hour away, but it's worth the experience. It would be such a fun date night or family night.

4. Rent a Boat for the Day
A small boat that you can get at like 8am and keep until 5pm. You can bring your own food and drinks most of the time and you can spend the day on the water. Perfect summer day!

5. Take A Mini-Road Trip
There's so many quick getaway places near Nashville, and I'm sure where ever you're from it's the same. Just hop in the car one day and spend a weekend at a near by place. You'll be sure to enjoy yourself. Just make sure the hotel has a pool and you'll be in relaxation heaven.

6. Throw a BBQ
I don't know what it is, but I am a sucker for grilled barbecue! Something about the smell of charcoal (we don't like gas grills, charcoal gives it a smoked flavor!), good pasta salad, some desserts, friends, and family. That is what summer is all about.

7. Go to a Rooftop Bar
Nashville is CRAWLING with rooftop bars these days! It seems like every place downtown has one and I don't blame them! It's something so nice about being outside enjoying a cocktail with an amazing view of the city. I mean, you can't really beat it.

8. Visit Your Local Zoo (or a nice one out of town!)
I LOVE the zoo and I honestly haven't been in years. This would be a great activity if you have kids also! Most zoos offer interactive things that you can do, shows, and it's just cool being so close to the animals. I wouldn't go until the evening when the sun starts to go down though!

What is something you are dying to do before the end of the summer? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! :)

Thank you so much for reading! xo


  1. Yes, I totally agree that these are a must before summer ends! I need to go on more rooftop bars!


  2. Love the idea of a drive-in movie!

  3. Phylicia8/29/2018

    Yesss! A lot of these are on my list. I haven’t been to a zoo since I was a kid and decided I wanted to go before summer ends too. I heard San Diego has one of the best!

    Also the drive in movie...I’ve been telling my boyfriend that we have to go before the end of the summer. Can’t wait :)

  4. Except #5 & #7 - I have not done any of those things on the list. How cute is your look though. Love the pictures.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  5. Love your must-do picks! I definitely want to go into a drive in movie before summer ends!

  6. These are great end of summer activities! I need to BBQ as much as possible before it gets cold! Also loving your top-the details on the back are so pretty!!


  7. These are such cute ideas for Summer! I can't believe how fast the Summer flew by either!!

    cute & little

  8. Love all of these ideas!! I need to get out on a picnic this weekend - the weather in London is supposed to be gorgeous!


  9. First off, this top is ADORABLE and I can't believe it's only $7! This is a great list of things to do before summer ends. I'm always down to go to a winery!


  10. This is a great list! I haven't been to a rooftop bar is so long! These are really great end of summer activities, I haven't been on a picnic yet. I need to do that!

  11. I'm dying to do all these things lol! I feel like the summer flew by!

  12. I love all of these fun ideas! Your top is super cute, the back details are so sweet!

  13. Oh my gosh I WISH we had a drive-in movie location by us...would love to do that!

    xx, Danielle | www.pineappleandprosecco.com

  14. This is such a great list babe! I am not ready for summer to end!

    xo, Whitney

  15. The zoo and a drive in movie are on my list! There’s also a new rooftop restaurant I want to go to. X

  16. I have never been to a drive in movie before, i hope to soon

  17. Such a fun post! I would LOVE to go to a drive-in movie -- such a great idea! xo

  18. I've done most of these things but have not done a drive in movie!

  19. I HAVE to go to a drive-in movie, you're right!

  20. Summer went by way too fast! My husband and I took two small road trips and they were the perfect little getaways!


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