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Hi lovelies! :)

So I know I have been promising you guys some #HousetoHome updates, but it has honestly been taking me longer than I expected to decorate rooms of the house. I knew I was kind of picky and indecisive already, but I think being a homeowner sent those things into overdrive because I have the hardest time picking things out and actually keeping them! The good news is that I AM making progress and I still promise some of those home updates VERY soon, so please be patient with me guys! :)

Anyway, in the mean time, I thought it would be fun to share how I have incorporated FALL (my favorite season) into our home this year! Honestly, I never decorated our apartment for fall. I really didn't spend that much time decorating our apartment at all (except for Christmas decor because I mean.. it's Christmas). Now that I am in our first home, I want to decorate for everything, haha, especially Fall!

Soooo.. let's jump in shall we? I'll start with the front porch!

So the first thing I bought was this BEAUTIFUL wreath! I found it at TJ Maxx at the very beginning of Fall for under $20! YES GIRL. Under $20! I loved the colors and detailing in it so much, so I knew I wanted the rest of my decor to kind of model after that. I can't remember at the moment where I found my 'grateful' mat, but if I remember later, I'll update this post with the details. I decided to layer it with an orange-ish rug from the At Home store. Y'all.. I go to that store at LEAST once a week! I'm pretty obsessed with it. My lanterns and flame-less candles are also from the At Home store. I LOVE these flame-less candles! They are so cool because you can set them up on a timer and they will come on every day at the time you set. Mine come on at like 6:30pm! Finally, I found these pumpkins at a small pumpkin patch near my house. I am so in love with the baby white ones! :)

For the dining room area, I found this table runner at Target and I fell in love! I'm obsessed with the gold leaves on it. I decided to keep it pretty simple for my Fall decor and just add a cute centerpiece to the table, but I think I already know all of the extravagance I want to do for Christmas! Anyway, the centerpiece is from the At Home store and the two pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby. In our kitchen, I placed this 'Happy Fall ya'll" sign I found at Hobby Lobby in the corner with a cute pumpkin! I love that I found so many pumpkins with gold detailing. Also, on our island, I felt it was the perfect spot for this sign and one of my favorite Fall candles.

My mantel is one of my favorite places that I was able to decorate. I love how there are so many pieces I put together on top of it, but it just looks like one seamless piece. I started with a gorgeous garland and basically then I just built on top of it. I added in the beautiful 'grateful' pumpkin as well as the 'gather' lettering plus some other things. Can you guess what? :)

And finally, here's a sneak peek at our living room. It is almost finished so I promise to share more details with you soon, but I had to show you my super cute Fall pillows and these candles that smell AMAZING! The tall gold vase that is by the fireplace is from Target! More details on this room to come, but up next will be our master bedroom! So excited to share that with you and how I designed it based on it being a unisex room.

Happy Hump Day and thanks for reading! xo


  1. So many great accent pieces! I have been on the hunt for some lanterns for my front porch that don't break the bank. I love your styling here!

  2. I love all these gorgeous fall pieces! I pulled out some pumpkin decor, but need to decorate a bit more :-)
    Xo Mindy www.amixofmin.com

  3. I so wish I had a porch to decorate! Love all of your decor around your house!

  4. Your fall decor is so cute lady!

  5. Such cute decor! I love it all!


  6. Your wreath is so cute! I love your pillows, too :)

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

  7. All of this decor is too cute!

  8. Fall is my favorite season! I love your decor!

  9. Your decor is all so darling!! Fall is the best

  10. Your house looks absolutely gorgeous

  11. Omg I love decor!!! This fall decor is so so cute!!!!



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