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First things first; shout out to my husband for being on the other side of the camera for this! I may be a TAD bias, but I'd say he killed it! He's looking extremely handsome in his spring attire. :)

Now, it's not an every week thing I'm posting something on a Thursday, but with our anniversary coming up in a few days, I'm feeling like writing and sharing more than ever. You ever been so overwhelmed with happiness that you want to share with everyone around you so that just maybe, they can experience the same happiness? I just want to put out all that I know/have come to know and although I'm no expert on any of this stuff, I do feel like I have some valuable things to share and I hope if everyone can't relate, a few of you can! I have been trying to get everything out that I want to say in my regular posting days, but sometimes it's hard to do that. Basically, I just have a lot to say, so bare with me. :)
I have a question; how much time do you spend with your significant other? I mean really spend time. Not just sitting in the same room doing different things, but like real TIME.

When was the last time you rode in the car without the radio on and just talked? When was the last time you had dinner and left your phone in your pocket the entire time? (This is still a work in progress for us Johnson's). When is the last time you took a walk in the park? When was the last time you asked your significant other what drives them? When was the last time you actually just spent time staring at your significant other, admiring what it is that made you fall for them in the first place? These things are so important y'all and we have not mastered them by any means, but let me just tell you.. being conscientiously aware helps so much and you will begin to work these habits into your every day life..

I find myself often staring at Marcus.. a lot. He will catch me sometimes and be like "why are you staring at me? Stop being weird", and a lot of times I just laugh it off and shrug my shoulders, but in actuality, I'm staring because I'm admiring every inch of him. Sometimes for many different reasons. I stare and think, "Man, God must love me a WHOLE lot to give me someone like him to have and to hold forever". I stare at his features and really take them all in. I often fantasize about how our future children will look like, more like him or me? Sometimes I'm staring because he did something stupid and I'm thinking, "Man, he's so annoying sometimes". Whatever the reason is, I spend time getting to know him in non-verbalized ways. It's really refreshing.

I want you guys to try this: the next time you're in the car together or home alone, turn the radio, television, or computer off and ask your significant other, "What is your ideal preference to spend time with me? What can we do weekly/monthly (whichever works for your household) to spend time with just us? What can I do to improve our communication?" Engage in this dialogue with no interruptions because this is truly the start of good time well spent. If you can't have a conversation without picking up your phone, turning the radio up, or doing something else, work on that! It's important lovelies and it'll make your communication so much better. :)


Speaking of time, Marcus received this watch as a gift from JORD and he and I both really love it! I have worked with JORD watches in the past, and you can read my blog post about my JORD watch here, but when the opportunity presented itself for me to surprise him with a wood watch of his own, I couldn't resist the opportunity. I love the versatility of this watch, which is the Conway Series, Dark Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood watch. Marcus wears suits pretty much every day, but on the weekends and evenings, he will dress super casual. This watch will match both looks and still look amazing. He really loves it and has worn it pretty much every day since he got it!

Spending time is even more fun with surprises involved (trust me, I know.. I live for surprises haha), so if you're looking for a nice gift to surprise your significant other, be sure to enter THIS GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a FREE CONWAY WATCH! Yes, FREE! Please keep in mind that every person that enters will automatically receive $25 off, so even if you don't win the free watch, you're still a winner! The giveaway closes on 04/23/17 so enter right now! :)

In case you are interested in browsing the JORD site, you can see the women's watches here and all of the men's watches here!

Some super unexpected things have come up in our lives here recently, so I actually decided to take tomorrow off from work to spend much needed time with my husband. Sometimes, sacrifices are needed in order to help your marriage/relationship continue to thrive. Now, you go ahead and enjoy the rest of your Thursday ladies and gents, and be sure to pencil in some quality time today with the one you love for the weekend coming up. :)

Thanks for reading! xo


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