You Are Enough | A Letter to My Youth

Dear Young Ten Year Old Jam,

Hey sweet girl. Has anyone told you today how awesome you are? You're pretty awesome for a 5th grader. You're smart, beautiful, and so full of life. You have such a giving, selfless spirit that radiates from that smile of yours. You have some of the best friends, you're involved in a great dance studio, and your family loves you so much. You have so many amazing things going on in your life. God has blessed you tremendously. So why are you so sad?

Why do you cry every day Jam? Don't you know that the ones who don't accept you, don't deserve you? They don't understand you and that is okay. Why do you feel the need to be accepted by the ones who reject you? Don't you see the ones who love you? They are always there. You spend so much time trying to fit in with the crowd that only wants to use you for what you can bring, you're ignoring the crowd that wants to give to you. They want to give you their time, love, friendship, and true faithfulness. You're being blinded by what "seems cool", instead of opening your eyes to what IS cool.

Don't you see? There's no reason to cry. If you only looked around at all you have, you would see you really have it all baby girl. You should know that a true friends don't take, take, take. They GIVE.. freely and whole-hardheartedly to your mind and spirit. They validate your importance to their lives with you having to wonder about it. You'll just know.

Why do you feel the need to be accepted by the ones who reject you?

You spend so much time alone with your thoughts. You know you shouldn't care about those girls who put you down, but you can't help yourself. Well, I'm here to tell yo that enough is enough. No more wasted tears, FOR WHAT? If they want to be your friend today, but make fun of you tomorrow, leave them in the dust. They are not worth your precious tears that should be preserved for future heartbreaks and chick flicks. 

I shouldn't tell you this, but you should know that your life ahead is even more beautiful than it is now. If you don't see it now, eventually you will see that you don't need validation for your actions; screw that! You'll grow up and make your own decisions without caring as much about what the next person might say. You'll lose friends and gain better ones. Life will CONTINUE to be good, don't you worry.

You'll lose friends and gain better ones. Life will continue to be good.

So dry those eyes baby girl, and look at the world around you. Don't waste precious years of your life constantly chasing those who don't want you around. Cherish this time. Spend it with those who really want to share in your presence. Don't be mean and cold to those who accept you for who you are because you too busy chasing those who could careless, because once you finally see the light, you'll regret it. I'm trying to save you the guilt. You're much better than that. You know better than that.

Take this advice and listen good; You. Are. Enough.

With Love Always,

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